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Chicken Rubs and New Neighbors

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Heute ist Samstag, der sieben und zwanzigsten August.
Today is Saturday, the twenty seventh of August.

We had a friend’s family stay with us last night and then they were off around noonish today. I made a rub for Jud’s chicken legs and he grilled them on our little camping grill that he sets up on the front porch. It’s funny how grilling brings people together, even when the grill is ity-bity.

Jud met the neighbor right next door, Michael. He has a figurine of the Alien from the Alien movies in his kitchen window and usually keeps to himself. He has dark hair that is kind of spiky and in general reminded me of my brother, so now it is ironic that he has the same name. Jud also met one of the girls who go to DTS that live in our building. She was wearing a Backpacker magazine shirt and seemed in general to be the kind of person we’d hang out with. She lives with another girl who is also starting at DTS.

Tomorrow is Sunday again. The day that used to both fill me with expectation and usually a bit of stress. Now they are marked by neither. I have no excitement to see people who I love because I don’t see them anymore and I have no stress because nothing is expected of me. Four weeks have passed since I last walked through the doors of CBC and I can’t tell you how much I miss my family. All day I’ve thought about the kids and how excited they must be to be preparing for the musical tonight. I cried when I thought about Austin singing and doing choreography on the stage and not being able to hug him and tell him how proud I am of him. I’m sure the whole thing will go well, especially since they have been rehearsing so hard and for so long. I’ll bet that Overkamp kid knocks the socks off everyone with his rap. He’s a natural. Hopefully we’ll get a copy of the performance to watch.

I haven’t felt well today… numbness on my left side, headache on the right, splotchy vision and super tired. It’s happened before, usually when I’m crazy stressed, but I didn’t think I was feeling incredibly stressed out today. There is a general feeling of not completely letting all of the air out of my lungs when I breathe that reminds me of my nervousness about life that I bury out of sight. Everyone says things like ‘it’s all going to be fine’ but really, we all know that there’s no guarantee of that. Things aren’t always fine because bad things happen every day and we’re not given any assurances about anything. Maybe that’s freeing to some people. You don’t have to worry about any of it because you’re not in control anyway, so why expend any energy over that which you can’t dictate. But for those of us who suffer from the Type-A desires to keep our desks neatly organized, our furniture in place and our lives running on wonderful little clocks, it’s nerve racking. Maybe all those little whispers in the back of my skull that I keep trying to silence are demanding I pay attention by numbing my arm and face. “Hey, can you hear us? We are scared and we are uncertain of what to do here. PAY ATTENTION TO US! WE DESERVE SOME ATTENTION!!” I would pay attention, but it would make the fears real and give power to the thought of not being in control, something I just can’t admit to yet. Maybe tomorrow.


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well things are starting to really get moving at DTS and its all really exciting. Yesterday we had the new student orientation which was actually pretty entertaining all things considered. Toward the end of the day, all the faculty came up on stage and had their names and departments annonced. It was just insane to me the amount of wonderful, incredibly knowledgable people that I saw, people whose books I’ve read and people who I consider to have an incredible influence and ministry to Evangelicalism. Needless to say, it was my favorite part of the day. Today I took tests, one test to make sure that I’m not insane or in need of counseling and one to check my Biblical and Theological knowledge. The TBTK test was actually a lot of fun and it was nice to see how much I learned while at Grace. On the other hand it was also nice to see how much stuff i had no idea about and had not studied previously – I’m sure that I’ll have my time to study it here. Anyway, I just thought I’d post quickly before I stop thinking about it. I hope that all is well with everyone that reads this. – Jud Posted by Picasa

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Another Dollar

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I probably shouldn’t be posting because my day was not very good and I’ve been crying for no reason that I can think of and there is a little knot in the pit of my stomach. I’ll spare you the details of stuff that made me tear up after work. It’s not very important and it is for sure not interesting.

I did get news of a friend’s baby on the way. Congratulations friends! (I don’t think they even know this site exists, so I won’t bother pretending like they’ll actually read it). I was made to guess at who is pregnant and guessed some pretty ridiculous names. People too old or lacking the appropriate parts, people too young who have no business even thinking about procreating and people to whom I’m physically related. It was none of the above. Just some friends who’ve been married a while and are, no doubt, elated. So, again, Congratulations!

Tommy Lee Goes to College is on right now. It’s pretty fun to watch him parade around Lincoln. A nice hang on for those of who still call ourselves Huskers. I’m going to go watch and read a book that isn’t very good during the commercials.

A brief note about something that choked me up today: My office was offering tickets to the Women of Faith Conference. I was never all that excited about the actual conference, but spending time with my ladies at the hotel and during the meals and sitting through the sessions together and them consoling me when I lost a diamond out of my ring, these are the things WOF are made of.

That’s my heart.

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Love Thy Neighbor Unless Your Neighbor is Hugo Chavez

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“You know, I don’’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it,” Robertson said. ““It’’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a waAnd.. and I don’t think any oil shipments will stop.”

Thank you again, Pat Robertson. I can understand one saying that we need to get Chavez out of power because what he’s doing is bad for our international interests. However, for a outspoken figure who 90% of the public associates with general Evangelical Christianity to say that its a huge mistake. I just can’t understand why he continues to make Christians look like total hypocrites.

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I’d like to quickly apologize for the small font size on the page. As you may notice, it has since changed. If you don’t feel that the current size is sufficient, please let me know. The picture above sort of reminds me of something I saw today at the DTS bookstore, which you too can see if you follow the link below. I was really close to getting the John the Baptist version until I found out that he didnt come with the removable head.

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