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The Patriarchs

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Hansy, wonderful woman that she is, got the new Beth Moore study, dvds and all and invited Jenn and I (and others, but so far there were conflicts for the others, though all are welcome, so if you want to come, speak up because you will get behind if you wait much longer) to join. We met for the first time tonight and I think we are going to learn tons and tons and enjoy each other mucho mucho.

Hansy’s sister, Birgit, also came because she is visiting for a while

Anyway, thanks to Daniel for taking the picture! Here’s me with my beautiful friends:

me, Jenn, Birgit, Hansy (and baby too)

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PiYo this

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Earlier this week, my friend Ronke told me about how you can test your core strength by doing a yoga-ish move where your forearms are on the ground and you lift up the rest of your body so that you are on your tip toes. She almost demonstrated right there in my cube, but then we realized how crazy that would look. It would look supremely crazy. So, I tried it when I got home and I also did some other yoga/pilate-ish moves, to you know, boost my core strength.

When Jud came home from class, I showed him the move and made him time me. I held it for a minute, but not without some significant shaking. He did it too and has done it since. Me too.

Last night when I did it, I think I pulled something. You knew this was where this was going, didn’t you? I pulled something right at the bottom of my left cheek. Not the one on my face. So, I’m trying not to walk as if the left side of my rear is in pain, but actually it’s quite painful. Painful enough for me to rub Aspercreme all over myself. Painful enough to choose a low heel for work today so as to not aggravate the injury.

Stupid yoga.

Today was a great lunch day. Have I told you about how my two friends and I eat lunch every day together? Today one of them brought chocolate cake to share. SHARING CAKE!! Also, I brought left over chicken and broccoli casserole and it was delicious. I shared very small portions of my casserole. Not enough to even call it sharing really. It was too good to let go of.

Also today I got into a crazy groove of working. I made huge dents into my backlog of commitments and that was fabulous. I’m pretty sure that the groove had everything to do with the ipod. My favorite part of the ipod experience today was right after a song by the Faint. Then a song came on by the Grace University Chorale from their European Concert Tour. I got a little teary when I could hear Kenzie’s voice in the middle of it all. I wonder how that girl’s doing. I miss all my girls from that class.

Wow…this is the last picture I have of her. This wasn’t just yesterday now, was it?
(do you see that I am ignoring the fact that old highlights are clearly growing out of my hair? what was I thinking?!)

Anyway, I hope you have all at least begun to think about doing your taxes. We just found out that we are getting some moolah back, which makes me initially think “oooo, pillows and a chair.” But then I snap back to reality and realize “oooo, the seminary will want money for those summer classes soon.” Dang.

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sweet friends

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Hello, dear people (that’s a little jim eckman for you). Thank you to the many who have written emails and sent cards and left posts and made phone calls after reading my sad post from last Saturday. I didn’t mean to solicit any, so it was quite a surprise to get so many sweet responses.

Our shopping experience on Sunday was very positive. The Sunday school class was really great…best Sunday school we’ve been to in AGES. The senior past was out (always the way it is when you visit a church, right?) last week, but the associate pastor preached and did such a great job. I was convicted and have even made a change in how I’m living this week. Thank you, pastor man, for preaching the Word! Also, they did a great job with helping us to feel welcome. They seem like a really healthy church family. We will actually be going to a marriage seminar they are doing this Friday and Saturday with some other friends of ours. Don’t worry, we’re not rushing in too quickly. We’ll be cautious.

Work is kind of beating the life out of me right now. I’d better get to bed so I’m ready for my whoopin tomorrow. Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Non Sequitur:
Why did this person open up the little bottle of fuel? Now there is blood gushing out of his mouth and pooling behind his head. Silly warning man. Leave the fuel alone.

We’re about to start a project for Dr. Ron Allen that involves stacks of overheads, a scanner and PowerPoint. Let your mind do the rest.

Have you ever seen that strange movie Clockwatchers? Probably not. It’s not very good. But Parker Posey is in it and I love her. Party Girl! Yeah! Anyway in the movie she is a temp and the company she is working for thinks that she and her other temps are stealing from them. My company thinks someone is stealing postage from the meter. I found this out on Friday when I could not meter some mail. Scenes from the movie flashed in front of me as I was told about it on Monday. Parker Posey = Kim Except, really not, because I am not that funny and also I think in the movie, she actually was the one stealing and I am NOT stealing postage because I have those fancy new stamps. I don’t need your stinking meter.

My mom got some plane tickets to come and visit. She’ll fly in the Thursday before Memorial Day and then leave the Tuesday afterwards.

Where were you two years ago on Memorial Day?

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tomorrow we are trying out a new church. it is very hard to find a new church when you love your old church. why must we love you so much, old church? oh, this is why…

[brought to you, in part, by Nathan, the wunderkind…was it even his idea to put the sermon outlines up too, I wonder, because man, the sermon outline and the sermon…now if we can just get a hologram machine…]

Jud says….

“Wish I were here”

Kim asks

“For more of this…”

“Or for more of this…”

We say “both.”

it kind of feels like we’re new to dallas all over again. pray for a good church family. we are missing you so much.

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don’t cry, shopgirl

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I just wasted two hours of my life watching You’ve Got Mail again. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me or why TBS knows that I will watch movies that I would never ever own or rent over and over again and then cry at the end. I need to overcome my addiction. At least I was paying the bills while I was watching…right? Please give me some reassurance or I will just have to smash the tv all together. I seriously have those sorts of thoughts… I’m sure this is not reassuring to my husband who wishes our box was bigger and fancier, especially when sporting events like March Madness, or, more importantly, the Super Bowl come to call, but I have this inner loathing for the thing. I’m sure that if I give in to the robot voice in my head that urges me to get rid of it, I will also start making my own clothes and forcing us to eat granola all the time.

Speaking of granola. This was my delicious breakfast today. It was called a Prom Cake and let me tell you, I felt just like I was at prom, except without all the hairspray and bobby pins. Anyway, it had bananas and walnuts and granola and pancake all rolled onto one glorious plate. Look and desire:

Too delicious to finish.

This was Jud’s tasty breakfast burrito. He ate it all.

We actually got up and out of the house in time to eat breakfast somewhere. Isn’t that wonderful? Okay, so it’s not that wonderful because I think I saw a sign that said they serve breakfast all day on Saturdays, but I still felt pretty good about it all. I’m going to write a review of our dining experience. I’m really picky about restaurants and food and things and Jud suggested I start blogging restaurant reviews. He’s right. We’ll fill you in once the site is up and running.

This was Law & Coffee:

My husband, though doubting the reasons for being in seminary at all, still studies and reads and learns and thinks because he is so dutiful and because he has so much dang character. I could learn something from this.

The Legal Grounds people should learn to not put dog lamps in dangerous places because somebody broke this poor things tail off and laid it under him in some odd sort of apology.

In other dog related news, dalmatians love jam and salsa.

The guy on the far right in this picture loves LOTR. He loves it so much he went to a convention where someone was mispronouncing Elvish names and let me tell you to not do this at an LOTR convention because they will totally put a cap in your, well you get the picture.

Still studying and learning. Even as I type this now.

Last night we went out for burgers to the same place I mentioned that I went to with my friends from work. I obviously really liked the place as, after driving home at 4:00 on Friday, through the terrible traffic jam that is 75 on a Friday afternoon, we got back on it just before 6:00 and made our way back to Richardson. It took a while, but we got there.

It was delicious.

Jud’s food.

My food.

Kay came by to hang out with us for a while and that was also delicious.

Then we went home and I laid on the floor moaning about my full belly. It was not as delicious.

For everyone who’s counting, yes, we are blowing our eating out budget this month and please shut your mouths because we did not spend the money on plane tickets or gas for the car on a fun spring break trip to see our friends. We are going a little crazy down here and have to get out of this place. Jud’s sort of feeling all The Shining and I’m a little twitchy myself. Throw us a bone here.

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