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tsk, tsk, tsk

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Today i sat in on a meeting where we were all but commanded to work this weekend. A bunch of people said they could work on Sunday but not Saturday. I said the opposite.

Looks like I am going to be faced with the eternal question….overtime or comp-time? Ain’t life grand?

Things I’d rather be doing on Saturday…

Going to the Spring Game (Yes, I know that it already happened. I clearly have a picture of Dad and Adam at the game. I just wish it could happen again…and I could be there).

Smelling the flowers outside Mom & Dad’s house…but I bet these tulips are gone by now.

Playing hide and seek with Adam & the new daddy, Jeremy…but I guess Jeremy will probably want to hang out with his baby.

Going to Rebecca’s graduation ceremony and party.
See how cute her invitations are?
Well, imagine how cute they were without all of my editing bars.
Extremely cute!
Even with the withholding of places and names to keep out all of the internet graduation ceremony crashers, it still looks good.

We are so sad we won’t be there, but we love you, Rebecca, and we are looking forward to your future with lots of anticipation as you continue to know and follow our great God.

Also, we hope your party is rockin!

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Europe Wins

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Our friends, Martin, Hansy and Isabel took us Frisbee-Golfing or Folfing as some might say. Let me tell you that Jud and I are t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. at this sport. We had a great time with them and so enjoyed eating out at Sonic afterwards too.

Here’s the play by play…

The Americans are up first. He takes his stance toward the back of the launch pad. He’s got some power behind it, but it’s no good! He’s out of bounds and frankly, I doubt we’re ever going to see that disc again.

Now it’s the European’s turn and you can just feel the ease with which they work. See the long lines and easy grace? They’ve really mastered the game.

Uh, oh, it looks like only one of the European’s discs made it over the ravine, but neither of the Americans. I’d say things are getting interesting, but let’s get real about this, there’s no way the Americans can come back now.

With the Americans down by, oh, somewhere in the twenties, things start melting down. The American’s trash talk finally gets the best of the Europeans and they lash out.

Tempers are again under control and things are looking up for the Americans now (you, know, since the end of the course is in sight).

Consolation Prize: Getting your dignity back.

Grand Prize: Kisses from Isabel.

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in review

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Last night was a date night. The kind of night that requires me to come home (late) from work and sleep for precisely one hour before going out so that I will not be mean during the event. It’s not that I ever want to be mean(especially on something as wonderful as a night out on the town), it’s just that wearing shoes and makeup and being civil to strangers is what I do all day and a lot of times when I pull into the carport, all I want to do is remove the shoes, makeup and civility.

(For all of you now judging me…It’s no work to be civil to Jud. He’s my best friend so I don’t have to put forth any effort when he tells me something. I already care and I already love him, unlike on the date, where we will encounter waiters and ticket givers and theatre goers and other customers who have potential to muck up the whole evening.)

Having slept for said hour, I put on my snazzy new shoes
(A gift from the hubs)

some fresh makeup, and off we went to PF Chang’s…many thanks to Jerome & Laura for the gift card! It was delicious, as always.

Our waiter, a Chris Carrabba wannabe with strange tag lines and not much confidence disappeared somewhere after my third iced mango peach tea. We waited, patiently, I might add, because we were having a really great time with each other, and also observing the other patrons, one of whom proclaimed “Is there a manager? Because you just ruined my sisters 25th birthday!”, making us giggle and snicker. I mean, sure, the service in all of Texas is pretty sad and most of the restaurants aren’t the cleanest, but ruining a birthday seems a bit much. You gotta learn to roll with it, woman! Anyway, with twenty minutes before the start of our movie, I broke down and asked the hostess if she could bring us our check and some boxes for the leftovers. She was very sweet and very prompt and if we would’ve been tipping her, we would’ve been more generous.

On to the AMC where we bought two tickets for The Sentinel. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you love 24, like we love 24, you should probably just wait for your next dose of Kieffer on Monday night. However, if you’ve got a little time to kill and your expectations are low, you might want to drop a few bucks on it. There’s no especially obscene scenes that I can remember, so I think I’m recommending it to you with very mild caution….some people die (but not as many as Jack Bauer would’ve taken out) and there is some implied bau-chica-bau-bau (but the deeds are kept off screen).

We liked it okay, but I think we both enjoyed taunting the carport cats more.

The fat lazy cats hang out and sun themselves up here for hours.

Sometimes they fight each other and it’s pretty WWF. Sometimes, we put tuna cans on top for them to lick.

Sometimes we leave the tuna cans there because they are full of water after storms.

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apartment hunting

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Jud and I are really enjoying looking for/at apartments. We love our place and aren’t thinking about moving (what with the packing and the boxing up and labeling and renting of vans and organizing movers and all…we don’t think we could do it without our sweet Omaha moving crew).

We are, however, getting very excited about Jeremy & Rachel moving to our neck of the woods.

So excited, in fact, that we would like them to live very close to us…close enough to walk to, to share meals with, to see frequently, to annoy them. Bear in mind that they are not even married yet and that they are moving down here in a couple of months as newlyweds who probably do not want to live disturbingly close to Jud & Kim, so that’s why we stopped pursuing them living in our complex…and looked at the place right next door. You know, because sharing the same driveway doesn’t mean you live in the same place! Duh!

Okay, so maybe this place is still a little too close (and, as it turns out, overpriced), but we are walking around with cells phones and we are taking numbers. We are serious about them living here soon, whereas they, most likely, are pretty fixated on that whole wedding deal. Oh yeah, we’re excited about that too.

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sleep deprived and full of asian noodles

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It’s not so hot today, but Jud and I are both dragging from the lack of sleep. We have this little debate about what going to bed “early” means. I say getting ready for bed at 9:30 at night does not mean we are going to bed early. It means we are going to bed at a normal time. Getting ready for bed at 10:00 is going to bed late while getting ready for bed at, say, 8:00, is early. The issue of course, is how long you spend ‘getting ready for bed.’

Floss. Brush teeth. Check email while brushing. Check blog. Check friend’s blogs. Remember funny email and show to spouse. Spit. Put toothbrush away. Wash face. Toner. Firming lotion. Eye cream. Zit cream. Moisturizer. Pluck various stray eyebrows. Stare into closet over what to wear to work the next day. Pretend to read book. Snuggle. Talk and talk and talk. — Can you see why this takes me an hour or more? I do not do this quickly and he participates in it all, making it longer and this is why when the alarm sounds at 5am we think there must be some mistake and maybe there was a power surge and now the clock is set for midnight and yes, that’s it. It must be midnight and I will have five more glorious hours of resting, but then, no. That’s not true. The clock says that it is 5:00 and soon it will go off again because the snooze button is not the off button.

Then, of course, napping during the late afternoon makes you think that getting ready for bed at 9:30 is preposterous and that only people who are younger than twelve do such things. People younger than twelve and Kim. Kim is a professional sleeper and can pretty much sleep on command.

I used to really envy those kids in elementary school who could puke on demand. They wanted to get out of school for the rest of the day, or at least spend some time laying down on the weird black nylon bed in the nurses office to avoid some math test and they’d just bring up lunch without so much as finger down their throat. Those kids were talented. I couldn’t make myself throw up to save my life. I can, however, fall asleep at almost any given moment. Not in the narcolepsy, can’t help but fall asleep way, but in that “she may have descended from sloths” kind of way.

Jud’s trying to keep his eyes open in Greek right now and I’m going to attempt to not sleep while he’s gone. I’ve got just the thing…dishes!

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