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The Alarm is Untrue

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On Thursday I went to work wearing the following:

– black dress pants with elastic waist
– button up blue dress shirt, sleeveless
– white, knit 3/4 sleeve cardigan
– trouser socks
– Danskos

By 10:30 that day I had stripped away the socks, shoes and cardigan and was still sitting in a pool of my own sweat.

Having had enough of the person who is constantly complaining that she is cold going around and moving the thermostats to whatever trips her fancy, I got the big guns involved and went over to the guy who’s responsible for all things building related. I told him I was dying from the heat and that something needed to be done. Now.

He got his little laser gun thing and we went over to my cube home. He tested the air all around the cube and it was all coming back about 78-80. Then he shot the laser at Ronke and she was 80 and then Kelly was 83. But my belly? It was 91. On the outside. And also covered in beads of sweat, but the laser can’t tell you that. So, he brought me a fan and I got some ice chips and sucked on them and left my shoes off too.

A wee bit later I thought I was going into labor. Strong contractions in the belly, back constrictions too, shooting pains through center of body. They all seemed in order so I went home early. They got worse and closer together until about 7pm when they just stopped. There were some contractions on Friday, but nothing to really warrant me taking the day off of work; although I did take the day off because, well, because I can.

Today there have not been any real contractions, although that awesome hot stabbing pain comes around whenever I’ve been standing up for a while.

I went to SuperTarget and got the last of the stuff that is necessary to bring a newborn into your home, easy to make foods for Jud for when the baby comes and I don’t want to cook, and Pringles. I love Pringles and they were on sale. Who am I to argue with that? When I got home I made some Cranberry Cheesecake Bars (that’s not their real name, I don’t think, but they’re the ones that Tesa’s name is on in the latest CBC cookbook). They are super good, but they are still cooling, so it will be a while before I can enjoy them. I think they will help me to keep my mind off the fact that I am ready to have this baby but have no control over that event’s arrival. Delicious fruit and cream cheese bars can take your mind off of anything.

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Showers of the BehBeh Kind

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Yesterday our little place filled with friends and quiches and hummingbird cakes, deviled eggs, delicious sandwiches, sweet tea and new things. My living room now looks as if I robbed a Babies R Us (which was the other option to procuring all of these items until Zanna, Jenn and Gina came up with a more law abiding and delicious solution).

I thought I’d share some pictures with you and show you how amazing all of our friends are to give us things without receiving anything in return (I’m hoping that’s not some sort of foreshadowing about thank you notes, but I really can’t promise you anything).

Anyway, here’s the shower in pictures…

These faces have graced these pages before.
(but somehow they look younger and prettier than ever before…
botox? surgery? nope. just sheer natural gorgeousness)

Sara, Hansy, Rachel and Michelle muggin for the camera.
Zanna tries to convince me to be proud of the state that will appear on the birth certificate

(and fails) but succeeds in seducing my taste buds with cake.

Jenn, Kelly, Ronke and Erin lookin fine.

Take your gigs and your hooks elsewhere!

Ronke and Kim are very smiley.

Sweet baby Hunter and his mama Carole. So cute!

And you thought all that robbing talk was hyperbole.

Check out that loot!

Prayers for the baby, me and Jud (one of my favorite parts).

Thank you to the party planners and the party people! I had a really great day with all of you and was tired in all the right ways by the end of it all. I am sad for those of you who live so far away to not get to meet all of the sweet women in these pictures. They have made my time down here so much more than bearable. They have made memories with me that will last a lifetime. I love you guys.

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Pain in the Progress

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Weekly trips to the OB office are now a part of our lives. Wednesday is the magical trip day and while I have been trying not to notice that these visits are usually a half hour behind the regularly scheduled programming, Jud has been a bit unable to let it go. It’s nice when he’s time sensitive like that. Reminds me of me.

Yesterday, however, we were not our typical fifteen minutes early due, in large part, to this one woman who’s up the food chain a bit from me in the office who showed up at my desk right when I was swiveling in my chair to leave. My wonderful, extra beautiful neighbor agreed to work on the project (which was apparently needing to be done NOW and not tomorrow despite the fact that we have been working on said project since August. I love how she thought the papers in her hand were on fire and we should put them out but can completely and utterly ignore every email I’ve sent her over the past month. Not bitter. Just tired of email constipation perpetuated by upper level management. Am letting it go now). I dropped off some paperwork with the finance people on my way out the door and then fought traffic to get home to pick up the hubs.

The hospital where the BehBeh is going to be born is downtown and as in every city, downtown parking is tricky. Park on this street for lots of quarters. Drive into this lot and pay some dollars. Park a block or two off of where you need to be and pay almost nothing. There are lots of choices and most of them involve lots of walking, something I now restrict unless the end result involves a refrigerator or a toilet. Jud dropped me off and I walked to the elevator, waited for the little ding and then watched as heavy person after heavy person piled into this same little mirrored box on a string. I started to panic ever so slightly as the doors shut and was relieved when they opened on the third floor (I only had three more to go and then I would be free of the stink and the breath and the possible free fall when the cord snapped).

The doors shut and we waited….nothing. I hit the button for six again, hoping that my sheer will would push us up the shaft, but the doors opened instead to the third floor hallway and I dashed off. I found the stairwell and hoofed the belly up three flights of stairs.

By the time I got to the office door, I was sweaty and a little out of breath, but still three minutes early. I lied on the time sheet and said I got there two minutes before then, because I didn’t want to admit in writing how close I’d come to showing up at my appointment time….it would seem too much like I have adjusted to the dfw way of life….late, lazy and owing somebody something. I sat down and tried to calm my heart. Jud came in about a minute later and one minute after that the sonogram-lady appeared and took us back. I peed in the cup. She weighed me. We all went into the dark sono-room.

Crawling up onto the table and leaning all the weight of my giant belly against the major veins and arteries in my back that carry the blood where it should go made me almost immediately sick to my stomach and dizzy. I did my best to shift around and tried not to look too overwhelmed by the lack of properly moving oxygen.

And then there he was. Looking full grown and wrapped up. His head, no longer buried in my hip or the placenta, but resting instead on my pelvic bones. The placenta, comfortably out of his way. He was sucking in the fluid pretty quickly, his lips formed into a little round heart of pursing and relaxing, with one hand tucked right underneath his chin. Giant belly with a strong heartbeat and all the measurements coming out just right. He looked comfortable, but snug, squishy in his watery home but firm from the outside. It made me really anxious to meet him.

The transducer could not fully trace his form because my belly is so round that there was no way for it all to touch me and pick up a full picture. A few weeks and they change so much. Changes especially in how much he weighs and all that weight was really starting to make me light headed and that’s when Jud asked if I was okay and the sono-lady probably could tell that I was not so okay and should get off my darn back. So the lights came back on and we trotted out to see the nurse.
Blood Pressure: 100/70
Weight: 152 (holy cow)
Step B test: negative
Kim: happy, but still dizzy

We waited for the OB and he came in to see how things were (and I am not making this word up in the baby terminology world because they really use it, even if it makes the lady business sound like bananas on the counter) ripening.
I’d say we’re in that time when the banana is still a tiny bit green, but would still be good to go.

Dilated: 1 cm
Effaced: 80%

The OB said that I am an overachiever. Who could argue with that?

Then he said that he was touching the baby’s head (obviously my water has not broken, so it’s not like he was touching the baby’s actual skin, but nonetheless, his head and all his violent actions say he is coming soon) and that all of that effacing business I’ve been doing (violent hot stabbing pains now explained) should make for a much easier labor. Said labor will probably come earlier than originally scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.

(btw – we have our last set of house guests tonight and then no one is welcome to spend the night until much later, except my mom, who is not shocked by the non-bathroom-door-closing, indecent lounge wear and half nakedness that are clearly called for at this stage. on second thought, Allison, you are welcome too as somehow nine-month pregnant Kim wears about the same amount of clothing as July-heat-dime-saving-post-work-Kim with whom you were forced to share living space for a year. Neighbors – you’ll have to wait for a while after knocking on the door. Everyone else – make sure you call)

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Easter, Showers, Parties and Tums

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How many times have you checked this site and been disappointed to see that same old post?

Me too!

Anyway, the past week or so was spent preparing for things like people to replace me, seeing the doctor, pre-registering for delivery, for a friend’s birthday party and not very much for supper. I do really love to cook, but lately, ever since the acid reflux induced choking began after meals, I’ve lost my appetite. I could seriously not eat anything until I give birth now because the pain afterwards is that off-putting.

Something I did make this week……grilled cheese and soup. Don’t worry, I know better than to eat tomato based (aka acid filled) items. The soup was just for Jud, but one of those sandwiches had my name all over it.

I made some cheesecake and Rick’s Recipe Salsa for Ronke’s birthday party on Saturday night. She opened this gift from another friend and we all burst into laughter. It was a plaque commemorating the opening of one of the rooms of her house. It’s not funny to people who don’t know her and the story behind it all, so I won’t try to explain, but I thought Jud did a good job capturing her anticipatory elation and that it should be shared.

I probably should have warned you about this one, but there IT is. The behbeh belly.

It is big and it is often lopsided as I’m pretty sure he thinks that he’s supposed to make his grand entrance through a hole he will create somewhere on my right side, just under my lowest rib. After meals, he usually attempts to burrow his way out over there. So, yeah, he’s still transverse and that’s not so great in terms of him making his first appearance soon. We’ll get an ultrasound on Wednesday to check out his position and see where the placenta is hanging out these days. We were there last Wednesday and I have put on a total of 26lbs, prompting congratulations from the OB (can you tell I am not going to let this go?). He also reminded us to call him if anything was feeling out of the ordinary or if there was anything we had questions about.

Then we took our paperwork and pre-registered for the upcoming hospital stay. It was a little surreal to do that, but it was good too.

In the 100% not surreal category, we celebrated Easter with fried chicken, biscuits and a very long nap. It was awesome.

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Good Friday

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I’m off of work today and Jud is off of school. He’s been working since early this morning while I kept right on sleeping. It was so great to not have to get up for anything and to not have anything pressing me to hurry up and get out the door. I got to clean the bathtub and not put on shoes yet. These are both wonderful things.

I talked with a bunch of friends this week by phone, which was really good. Some of our friends just announced that they are having baby number two and that is just fantastic news. I’m hoping it’s a boy so that our little guys can have all sorts of adventures together, but I’m sure they’ll be friends even if it’s a girl. Some other friends are very close to a home purchase, which is a truly wonderful thing. Another set of friends has a ton of family in town this weekend from a far off magical land and they are headed to the rodeo. We’ve been invited to go along, but Jud is suffering from a chest/head cold that is taking a pretty good toll on him. Also, my false labor is starting to enter the ‘holy cow this is painful’ stage. The contractions aren’t getting closer together or anything and it’s all very sporadic, but when they come their power is disturbing.

Now I’m going to post pictures to distract you from the fact that this post has very little cohesion and is not very exciting. Mmkay?

Jud & Kim last Sunday (thanks Zan!)

From Jud’s 25th Birthday party…I wish we still had some cake.

The shoes.

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