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We always knew that our life in Omaha was busy. Back before our move to Texas we had quite a bit going on, mostly related to my work at the church and all of our great friends’ activities.

When we moved down to Dallas, we initially didn’t know many people at all. I worked a job that could be left at the office at quitting time. Jud worked from home. He had a lot of school work to do; work that was assigned from one of the most prestigious seminaries in the country. It was not easy work, but my husband is pretty much brilliant, so even when it was hard, it was never too time consuming. We went to church, but we didn’t have to be there to unlock the doors and lock them up too. Over the past two years we had a lot of freedom and not a ton of responsibilities.

Now that we are back in Omaha, we can feel the wheels starting to slowly gain speed and it’s both good and bad. It’s bad for this little site because it is the first thing that gets neglected. It’s good for our little guy because he has lots of opportunities for people to love on him. It could be bad for us because it’s easy to loose track of each other when we’re on the go so much. But it could be good for us because we are more intentional about our time together. It’s hard to get so involved here because we loved all of the down time we had for each other. There were so many nights we spent just the two of us, making each other laugh and cuddling on the sofa and talking about life. It’s hard not to miss those days.

We’re trying to keep the wheels from spinning too fast, but we know the past two years were pretty selfish ones too. We love being in community with other people, but we didn’t do a ton of it. We love ministering through our local church, but we didn’t do a ton of it. Now that opportunities for both of those things pop up almost every night, it’s hard to find the balance. We’ll try to stay more connected, but I can’t promise you that we won’t get over-committed to other things from time to time. I guess you’ll know what speed we’re at by how often we post here.

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And They’re Always Glad You Came

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Yesterday was the first day of reality. Jud went off to work around 7:15. Grandma and Poppi left before 8:00. Gideon and I stayed home. I wasn’t really sure what the day would hold, but figured the house needed some much needed organization following the big truck of household items that seemed to have spewed it’s contents all over my parent’s house. So, I got to work. Every time Gideon feel asleep, I put him down and organized. When he was awake and happy, he laid on our bed while I put clothes away and rearranged the furniture. We got tons of stuff done, but by 3:45, we were both pretty tired and we slept.

Poppi woke me up at 5:00 and we got our rears in gear. Grandma and Jud rolled in a little bit later and after eating supper we all booked it up to the church. Poppi taught a counselor training session that Jud attended while Grandma, Gideon and I went to our baby shower.

The Multipurpose Room was filled with ladies who love us and it was so fun to just be back with all of them. Gaye did the devotional, talking about the stages of parenting…Care giving, Coaching and Counseling…and Bonnie was the hostess who made it all fabulous (and she made the cake!). Now, instead of having our belongings strewn across the house, we have presents for Gideon.

It was a very good first day of normal and I love being able to stay home with our little guy. It’s a totally different kind of job than the ones I’ve worked at hospitals and law firms and churches and in the tech world, for one thing nobody ever pooped on me at those other jobs (well, at least not literally) but it’s a pretty great kind of different. I can see where isolation could be an issue, but thankfully there are lots of young moms around here and I plan to call them up to hang out. There were too many missed opportunities for fun with friends in Dallas and I don’t plan to let these days slip by like I did before just because I was tired. Speaking of which, I’ve got to go get ready for a lunch date.

Here’s a few shots for you…

Aunt Ronke putting him to sleep the night before we moved.

Grandma putting him to sleep the night after we moved.

Harley looking all old school Disney Robin Hood.

Gideon sleeping on the boppy.

Gideon’s Dedication

Baby Shower Cake – Bonnie is so great!

Gaye holding Gideon

Pretty Presents…Thank you CBC ladies!

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The First One

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If you haven’t yet joined the baby club, you might not know what I didn’t know either until six weeks ago. Babies aren’t the only ones who get a new name when they pop into the world. Everybody in the family gets new names too.

I’m “Mom”, or more typically “Mama”. That doesn’t seem like rocket science, I know, but there were a few times when all of that babysitting lingo would roll off my tongue like silver and a “Kimmy’s here” would pop out. We’re obviously not letting Gideon call us by our first names, so I tried to correct myself and add a “Mama’s here” right afterwards. It’s a good thing he could barely see at that point because otherwise he may have thought I’ve got multiple personalities or something since it was just the two of us hanging out. I’ve pretty much kicked that habit, so he won’t spend his first year looking around for that Kimmy person.

Then there is Grandma. She was “Mom” or “Mommy” for about twenty-seven years and even though I started calling her “PJ” when I was in high school, the default was always “Mom”. And now there’s also Poppi (which I thought would be Poppy, but when he started posting here, he used the ‘i’ and I’ll just follow his lead). I can’t say that I ever called him “Rick” but he has been “Daddy” for forever.

Both of those names have been difficult for me to switch and when I’m talking to Gideon I frequently get them confused. I’ll be telling him who is going to do something in my baby talk voice “Mom’s gonna get you” and realize that I should’ve said “Grandma’s gonna get you” because I’m Mom and she’s Grandma. Or I’ll call Poppi “Granddad” or “Dad” when I say who’s stinky from being outside, or who is going to let him sleep on their chest and take a nap with him.

The biggest change has been Jud’s name. I’d always kind of sworn that I would not call my husband “Dad” because it seems a little freaky. It never seemed odd for my parents to refer to each other that way, but it was strange when friends did. Hearing a twenty-something reference her husband as “Daddy” just didn’t sit right and in my judgmental mind I thought “not me. I am never going to sound crazy like that.” But then we had Gideon and I realized that you can’t go around calling your spouse by their name to your child, or that’s what your kid will call them too. You know, if his first word was “Jud” it really wouldn’t be that cute. So here I am, calling my Jud “Dad” and “Daddy” and I don’t feel strange doing it. It doesn’t seem bizarre. It doesn’t seem wrong. It’s just right. It feels right. It sounds great.



It fits really well.

Happy Father’s Day, babe.

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It’s Finally Come

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[CONTEST: I’ll send a prize to the first person who can tell me which song I am referencing in the title of this post. Prizes may include a dachshund who will not stop whining, any number of items I marked for a garage sale during our packing (we have so much stuff that I’d forgotten about!), or a gift card for something super delicious.]

[NOTE TO KD REGARDING LAST POST SWEARING ALEIGANCE TO SCOOTERS: I haven’t had your coffee yet! I will soon! I can be converted. I am open. Also, to convince me, please feel free to let me sample as many drinks as you’d like.]

It’s my first full day somewhere in middle America and I’ve gotta tell you that I feel good about it. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that I slept in a bed for the first time in four weeks last night (This is the part where I get a lot of snarky tongue clicks from people who think I’m ruining my child by co-sleeping on the sofa. Next is the part where I am crushed by the guilt because I am terrified they might be right). Gideon slept in the Pack and Play (Laurie, you are going to get so many hugs and kisses for sending that thing over to Paula’s!!) and I didn’t even have to crawl in there with him. But, and here is the part where every person in the US calls CPS on me….I let him sleep on his tummy.

Excuses for breaking the federal government’s recommendation for how my son should sleep:

1. The kid is so much like me. His stomach is the sleep maker. It gurgles and it growls and it feels so good to pull those legs up under himself when the gas is going through. Tummy sleeping is gas friendly.

2. Startle-reflex. Let me tell you that he throws his arms up and says “yeah” about every ten minutes when he’s on his back (even in his car seat, or the swing, or the papasan). It’s like he’s doing the wave, but very unexpectedly since he has to wait for it to get all around the room before he can through his hands up again. (Parents are now all “that’s why you swaddle him, stupid. Too which I say, see #3).

3. He hates swaddling. He screams. He kicks. He loses his mind as soon as he loses the ability to shove his little hands up by his face. Do you remember his pictures in utero? The hands were by the face. That is where the hands go. Leave the hands alone, lady. And so I do.

4. He is strong. Since his very first week, he could lift his head up. Turning from side to side is so week number two and he is very much over all the fuss about that. Watch him do this one handed push up (that one’s for Joe! [or maybe Ronke]).

5. And, as Dave Barry would note, I swear I am not making this up, on our very last night in Dallas, while Ronke and I watched……he rolled over. From tummy to back. Sure, it might have been a coincidence. The stars may have aligned just perfectly while the earth was shaking or something, but whatever the circumstances, at one point my son was pushing himself up with his hands and then launched himself onto his back. At five weeks. He hasn’t had a repeat performance, but now I know that it’s possible. So possible that he should not be left alone on any surface other than the floor. So possible that I am breaking the rules of safety to let him sleep the way he wants to.

6. The pack and play is big and open and the sheets are very snug and I cannot imagine how he could suffocate himself in that thing.

7. Grandma’s got my back.

So, people, if you disagree with my decision, don’t tell me. I didn’t post this to get your advice. It still makes me a little nervous, but we all grew up that way and we are here. Back when the conventional wisdom was the opposite of today’s albeit more informed ways, most kids still were fine. And I am praying that Gideon will be fine too. So for all of you who desperately want to post statistics about SIDS, just pray for him instead. It will have more of an impact and will keep me from loosing my mind with worry.

(Don’t forget about that contest, peeps.)

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Two for the Show

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Yesterday was hard. There was a parade of friends and many tearful goodbyes. Lots of promises to keep in touch and reminders of plans already made for camping and Fogo and A&M at NE and piggybacking off of work trips; all of which better happen or I will be incredibly sad. When the day was done and night was starting to leave too, I finally lay down and slept.

I didn’t sleep well. Instead I dreamed of scenarios where I left the stroller in the car or got yelled at by TSA agents or overslept and missed my flight. When Gideon woke up at 2:30 I was sure that last one had come true, but I was fine, of course, and nodded back off until my phone buzzed at 4:30 on the nose.

By 6:30 we were out the door. Following a quick Starbucks run (we figured we’d better use that gift card while we were still in the Big D because Scooters holds our hearts in Omaha). I videoed us leaving and intended to video again once we got to the airport, but by then the stress of the day had woven knots into my belly and my temple was starting to pound. The two checked bags weighed in at 45lbs and 47lbs. (That was some killer packing, Kim!) Thank you.

Jud lugged them both over to the checked luggage area where they confirmed in record time that I did not have explosives, weapons, woodland creatures or a kidney stowed in either bag. Nope. Just the base of a car seat, the boppy, baby wipes, all of the clothes that currently fit me, all of the clothes that currently fit Gideon and toiletries that were destined to leak everywhere.

Off we went to the security line where Gideon was extracted from the car seat and inserted into the Hotsling. Jud kissed us both and sent us off to make it through the bizarre world where the TSA rule. Two fellow travelers helped me with the stroller and the car seat while I removed my shoes and grabbed the bag that held all of the gels, liquids and creams I remembered to remove from the diaper bag. One of the TSA/SS agents was all up in my grill about if I’d removed all of aforementioned potential contraband. I thought I had, but did you know that the baby’s butt cream should be included in that little ziploc? Yeah. I forgot.

Off to the secondary screening line, but at least allowed to wear my shoes, the new TSA agent did the worst possible bag examination I could imagine (possibly because he realizes that frazzled new moms don’t have time to think of terror plots, unless you count diaper eruptions at thirty thousand feet, colic in confined spaces or babies that refuse to eat while ascending and then have eardrums that split wide open. If that counts, than they’d better start stopping every woman with a diaper bag, for terror is all she knows).

Once all the way through security, following a short bathroom break, I stopped at the counter of gate 39 and asked for some help loading the car seat/stroller combo. They helped. Eventually, we boarded. All the while, Gideon slept (and I thanked God for all of your prayers on our behalf).

I sat down in my window seat right next to the engine and prayed that no one would sit next to me. They didn’t. As we pulled away from the gate, Gideon stirred, filled his diaper and ate. He ate until we reached altitude and slept the rest of the way. It’s a good thing he doesn’t care that much about poopy diapers because I waited until we’d landed in Omaha to change him.

Just as some sweet older ladies were helping me with the stroller, Poppi appeared and saved the day. Gideon was crying by this point and as soon as Poppi snuggled him, he was fine. Bags loaded in the car and the car seat securely fastened, we took off for Bellevue to see Grandma. She paraded the baby all around the bank (it’s not a bank! I know, but it’s just easier) and he got in a little snack there too.

Back to the house and more time to eat. We ate and then talked with Rebecca and Sarah. Poppi came home from work and we drove him back to Eppley. Now he’s in Dallas and we are here, relaxing in the central air, lounging in the leather chair and I’m propping my feet up on a dachshund. Gideon? He’s with Grandma.

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