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What Can I Say?

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So, I got this in the mail the other day. You can see why it caught my eye.

(My favorite part is how they photoshop-ed this guys arm pit. Nice.)

Sorry, Zan! I love you!!

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There are a few things I’d like to tell you about, some of which may not be at all interesting to you and the other stuff even less so, but, as always, feel free to skim.

I have not yet completed all of the thank you notes for presents people have given Gideon. I am a horrible thank you note writer, in spite of my extreme thankfulness. This is not my mother’s fault. She raised me right. I just can’t ever get my act in order to sit down and do them and then to deliver them. Every time I see the bag, I run for the computer and tell myself that I should be working, which I do (or sometimes I poke around on blogs and such, which is equal in weight to working versus thank you note writing, I think). At this point, I may just have Gideon write them himself. They’re his gifts anyway.

I submitted an online question to our bank about home loans today after I put together our budget for this next month. I think we are heart-wrenchingly close to actually putting the whole ‘home buying’ thing in gear. Makes me sweaty. It’s that whole debt thing. My entire life I’ve been trying to avoid it. Running from it by choosing a school where my mother worked for college (cha-ching!), furiously shredding any credit card application that came to rest in my mailbox, and paying off a car loan in less than half the time because having to write the check for the payment and put it in the mail is just as painful as parting with the money in the first place. I’m trying to remember to breathe.

Gideon loves being outside and all of the storms that moved through over the past few days have made the temperatures perfect for us to spend his awake time in the yard. He just sits and watches the leaves move in the breeze, studies the grass, and gets really excited about anything that flies. When we go back inside there is usually some protest crying or a little fist beating my chest. Jud has a half day tomorrow and we’re going to spend the afternoon (if it is not raining) outside somewhere.

Now I’d better go write some thank you notes….right after I do some work….which will be right after I read a couple of blogs.

If I can’t be outside, I’d rather be jumping.

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This past week was absolutely incredible. Last Sunday night our dear friends, Daniel & Jenn (and his mom and grandparents) rolled into Omaha on their way back south. We spent the evening with them and it was SO good to see them. In a lot of ways it seems like our life in Dallas never happened, like all of those friends we made and things we did and people we loved are all a made up fairytale of goodness that we tell, but didn’t really live (we miss you all so much). We sent them off on Monday and thought about them driving all day.

Tuesday came and so did Grans. She flew in that afternoon and will be here through late October. Four generations under one roof is quite a feat and thus far there have not been any real issues, which I will chalk up to the fact that Grans only wears one hearing aid and it’s not usually in her ear. She told me a story or two that I haven’t heard before and repeated several that I’ve been hearing for a few years. This used to only be something my dad’s dad did, but I think it’s catching and now Grans has it too. The sad part is that I’ve caught myself doing it too. So, you know, if you heard this one before….

Friday morning, Jud’s family rolled into town. His youngest sister was moving down for college and we helped move her in on Saturday. She’s on Rebecca’s hall and we know she’s going to have a blast (we did quite a bit of reminiscing while we were driving down to the school…college was so incredibly fun…the road trips…the drama…the pranks…the green nun…the coffee…it was also incredibly stretching and such an intense period of personal and spiritual growth…even with all the growing pains and sleep deprivation, neither of us would trade in those days).

In the middle of all of that, Jud got offered a new job, to do something completely different and we thought about it…a lot. He’d interviewed and we’d prayed and he got offered pretty sweet money. The trade off was for longer hours, more stress and in all probability junky supervisors who are just this side of crazy. He eventually talked about all of it with his current employer (toward whom he had no ill will nor did he posess a real desire to leave) and they found a better solution. So he is staying there and we are both happy. We both think that ultimately, what he really chose, was to be there. To be there for Gideon. To be there for me. To be there for the ministry we are leading. To be present and fully committed to the things that matter most. I’m so glad he did.

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The Scoop

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Here’s the 411 and where it came from (thanks WOWT).

Eight homes were evacuated in La Vista Saturday morning when police found what they say was a pipe bomb. A neighbor near 7800 La Vista Drive reported a suspicious vehicle and that led to the discovery of the explosive.

The quiet La Vista neighborhood turned into a hot spot as authorities moved in around 8:30 a.m.

Cheryl Mace says, “I didn’t know if someone got hit by a car or what happened and I’m still not sure what’s going on.”

What was happening focused on the Jeep driven by 29-year-old Edward J.O’Neill.

La Vista Police Lieutenant D.J. Barcal says, “There are indicators he wasn’t who he claimed to be. Identification didn’t match the driver. Subsequent investigation led to his arrest.”

When officers first took the suspect into custody, they found drug paraphernalia, a pair of brass knuckles and then, 20-minutes later, they found the suspicious device.

Lt. Barcal says, “It was an extreme danger not only to the officers but to the residents who live on either side of the vehicle.”

Neighbors were moved out as the bomb squad moved in.

Lt. Barcal says the device was a, “homemade pipe bomb device — approximately four inches, capped on both ends. It was a metal device with a fuse four to five inches long wrapped around the device.”

The device was removed and neighbors were back in their homes by noon.

And in a possibly related story…

Explosive in Parking Lot
Shortly before 1 p.m., Omaha Police removed a pipe bomb from the parking lot of the PetsMart store at Oak View Mall on Saturday.

Authorities were called about a suspicious package and officers located the pipe bomb in the lot.

The bomb response unit was called and removed the explosive. It will be disposed of at a later date.

The officers also located what appeared to be two incendiary devices that the suspect attempted to detonate. The devices were removed from the scene.

La Vista police say the device found at the pet store is similar to the one recovered in La Vista. The investigations continue but the two incidents have not been formally connected.

Apparently Nebraska is the place to be if you are making bombs in your basement. Good grief!

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Pipe(Bomb)Dreams (pt. II)

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The bomb squad is now outside. More updates to follow…after we run some errands.

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