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For Realz

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Things are going better here in Kimland.  We have been fairly productive – cleaning floors, organizing a suitcase full of clothing which will be destroyed as soon as I need to get to my socks, getting a bunch of work done (Easter is right around the corner) and painting (how much longer can it go on!?).  We finally settled on some colors with names like Sanderling and Rock Star and Lakefront. Guess what color Rock Star is…. 

In Gideonville things are getting awfully toothy.  Those two he had?  They are having babies.  Total through the gums now: five.  Last night while attempting to show Ellen that he had four, we all saw the fifth one poking through a little bloody gum.  Poor thing.  He can be crabby all he wants if his mouth is bleeding.  I think that’s in the Constitution. 

We hadn’t been to church in a while because of all the sick.  Then we went there yesterday and just exposed ourselves to more sick.  The table where we were eating our supper?  One child with the stomach flu.  She puked everywhere.  It makes the mashed potatoes a little less appetizing.  Another kid had an oozing eye.  The claim is that he has seen a doctor and that it is merely a ‘cold’ but I have suspicions to the contrary.  And then, of course, even if it is a weepy cold eye, maybe the goo could stay home until it is dried up and not matting down his eyelashes.  Wouldn’t that be polite? 

Another mother and I were all venty last night about the people who come to public places with sickness and how unbelievably annoying it all is.  Now I am venting here.   It seemed fitting.  Also, perhaps we all just needed a good reminder.  If your preshus little shnookums is not feeling well, KEEP THEM AT HOME. For the love. And for real.

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Just One of Those

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Not having a great day today.  Mostly I am probably tired and mostly I would prefer to not hear the baby crying anymore. I would also like the source code for a different website that I fiddle around with (or am actually responsible for officially in a job description) to cooperate and stop being so unbelievably annoying. I would like to request that people know specifically what they want from me before asking and then be happy with what I can provide as a final product and not complain about the result.  I would like that coffee ice cream I ate to not taste like beef.  I would like to be able to fall asleep instead of lying awake for hours and hours.  I would like the sound of my heart racing to stop beating in my ears.  I would like to take a few more breaths. 

 That is all.

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Oh Great

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So, you know when you are sick and the people around you are being fairly patient with your whiny little voice and the demands you make, be they ever so ridiculous? 

Well now I have to repay the favors.

They are dropping like flies around here. 

It just turned ten o’clock and two of the adults who would normally be watching the channel six news and making snide comments about that one reporter who is functionally illiterate are zonked out.  They’ve been that way for over an hour.  Two new zombies of ill. 

The other adult is graciously painting the ceilings at the other house while I finished up the prep work for our four course meal tomorrow night.  It’s the 2008 World Missions Festival at church and we are hosting a dinner party in honor of the weekend. 

The Menu, be it ever so fancy (if fancy means, simple. And, of course, it doesn’t):

Tortilla Roll Ups with Salsa

Tostada Salad

Enchiladas with Spanish Rice

Coffee Fudge Sundaes

See?  Not so fancy. But delicious it should be.  Also scheduled for the evening: Quarantine.  For the zombies.  They aren’t very presentable and tend to make people want to refrain from touching your furniture or eating anything other than hand sanitizer. 

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