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Something Sounded Like a Train

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But it was probably just a train. 

When it looks like this, though, it’s hard not to mention it. 


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Scooby Dooby Doo

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A few weeks ago I placed a call to Amy.  We’d been at her house a few days before for her husband’s birthday party and since it went late, we’d put Gideon down to sleep in the pack-n-play while we discussed free grace theology and it’s counterpart for hours and hours.  The next day, as we were leaving for another outing, I couldn’t find one of Gideon’s cute blue shoes, but since I was in a hurry, I didn’t really look that hard. I just grabbed another pair and off we went.

We didn’t buy either pair of shoes.  To be more honest, we haven’t ever purchased shoes for him.  When he was wee, I didn’t bother with them.  He was lucky he had socks on.  I was much too tired to bother with trying to wiggle shoes that served no purpose onto his cute, sweaty feet.  The socks seemed to do enough fermenting for them to get adequately stinky and I didn’t see the point in ticking him off further by shoving them into incubators.  Then he got mobile and I had no choice.  Thankfully, an awesome family from our church has been handing down clothing, shoes and toys to him and we have been wearing Blake’s shoes with much gratitude. 

Loosing the shoe was annoying.  I had another pair for him to wear, but they have laces and I didn’t want to have to keep retying baby shoes.  It seemed like too much work.  After hunting for the shoe in the car, then the garage, under the recliners and in the laundry but not finding it, I relented and got out the lace ups. They are adorable little Nikes and he rocks them pretty hard.  Although I gave up looking for the other shoe, I kept the lone shoe in the coat closet, it’s own mini-Guantanamo, hoping that it would be lonely enough to break and tell me what happened to it’s twin.

This morning, after Jud left for work, I was about to go downstairs when I stopped dead in my tracks.  This was the view from the top of the stairs:

After the photographic documentation, I called Jud. 

Where did he find the shoe?

He didn’t find it.

That’s when I started to feel a little creeped out.  I had the same thought you did: TROLLS.

As it turns out, Jud did a little ironing this morning (must have been while I was still tucked into bed since the owner of the shoe decided to sleep in until 8:15 today) and when he picked up the ironing board to put it in the basement, he noticed the shoe, but decided to leave it right where it was. Somehow that shoe had been caught in the legs of the ironing board for over a month, but now was safely deposited back into our living room.  Almost makes me want to iron more often.  Who knows what else is hiding in that thing.


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Crazy Awesome

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This past weekend was one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve had all year. I don’t know if the rest of the family agrees or not, but I had a blast. 

Friday marked the 28th anniversary of my mom pushing me out into this great big world.  Thank goodness she did. I’m having a great time.  In celebration, Jud secretly arranged for Gideon to spend the night with my parents and made reservations at Ms Pub (I heart this place.  HEART) where I enjoyed a delicious Thai Chicken Salad.  We watched a movie and ate ice cream and poked around some retail stores talking about things that don’t matter and some that really do.  It was a great evening out, although it was odd to not have our little guy sleeping soundly in his room when we got home. 

Saturday was yard day and food prep-ing and a fun evening spent at our friend’s house helping with their daughter’s graduation party. It was a lot of fun to chat with my friend Kristi while we replaced chicken salad sandwiches and chocolate dipped strawberries or refilled the punch bowl (RECIPE NOTE: One Raspberry Sherbet [no, Ellen, there was never another R in there] plus one or two Frescas equals delicious).   When I got home, I worked some more on preparing food for Gideon’s second birthday party (yes, he is only one, but since we did the east coast party, we still wanted to do one here in the great plains too.  Thus, the second birthday party). 

On Sunday, after church, we raced home and my mom came over to help me decorate the mouse cake for the party.  I made a chocolate cake base and a funfetti mouse cake for the top.  We (poorly) frosted the base with white butter cream frosting (RECIPE NOTE: Probably best to not use coffee creamer in your frosting.  I know it will taste delicious, but you will end up adding tons of milk to the frosting because creamer has some sort of incredible ability to suck up moisture.  Coffee creamer is the sponge of liquids).  Then we made some bright colors and started starring up the mouse.  It looked nothing like the cake pan suggested (thank you Mom M for sending such awesome pans.  Too bad I am no good at using them!  Maybe I’ll get better at it), but Kaylee thought it looked like Elmo (which is a compliment right?  Er…). 

After the party had cleared out, Chris, Amy and the girls stayed around to chat and hang out.  We all watched the storm blow in and my dad predicted that the front would produce tornadoes.  Sure enough a tornado touched down in Iowa for an hour.  It spanned 45 miles.  Six people are dead and a bunch more are injured.  Homes and business are destroyed.  It was pretty devastating.  On the back side of the storm we watched a double rainbow form, God’s reminder of the Noahic Covenant and the His great mercy.

Monday brought nicer weather, a trip to a state park and a new wagon for Gideon.  My parents gave him a red wagon for his birthday, which he deemed “Tegun!”, his word for crazy awesome.  And it is.

[Check out flickr for all the pictures]

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Adding It All Up

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I think I’ve told you before that I read blogs to which I am not linked here.  I read two blogs religiously and look forward to hearing about what is going on in these women’s lives as if they were my sisters.  I don’t tell you about them because of the cursing (of course you’ve read the words before and all that, but oh my lands, those are some things I cannot lead you to…in spite of my intense love for these women, or maybe because of it), but I can readily overlook anything offensive when I’m laughing that much or crying that hard or simply identifying with their perspectives.

This week I read a post that touched a nerve in me.  It was well written.  It was emotional, and she was expressing things I’ve thought before, things with which I can identify, things that I have thought and felt.  And it made me nervous. 

Mostly she had written down her self-confessed neurotic thoughts about being a financial drain on her husband and how dependent she now is on him.  She’s pregnant with her second child, so quite a bit of what occurred can be chalked up to the hormones that are currently employed in the effort of making lungs and eyes and the like, but there is also that part that is not irrational.  It is the part that does math. 

She works part time.  She stays at home.  They aren’t hurting for money, but there just isn’t that cushy savings account that once was due to some unexpected expenses and the future ones that she knows exist. 

And all of that anxiety and stress and those little touches of crazy didn’t really mix well on that particular day.  And she stepped back and complained a little bit.  She ate a meal on her own and she took a bath by herself and she climbed into her bed to watch a favorite television show and she composed this post without hiding the ugly.  It’s the honesty that is so commendable.

But math is the wrong discipline for these kinds of thoughts.  It’s not that money doesn’t matter, because everyone knows that dollars count, but it’s just the wrong way to measure one’s importance.  It can’t be the weighs and means for life and it certainly isn’t for happiness.  If it were we wouldn’t have TMZ and celebrity rehab. 

Resenting the person who earns the money for their supposed freedom or resenting yourself for your lack of monetary contribution to your family’s well being does no one any good.  If my husband made a trillion dollars a year and came home to a nagging wife, a home in disarray and a child who was perpetually out of sorts, what good would that be? But what should any of us do with those thoughts and emotions and feelings about our seeming lack of equality?

I know what I am doing about it. I’m not feeding the wolf that sympathizes with the resentment.  I’m not going to listen to the voice that lets me feel sorry for myself or overwhelmed by questions for which I don’t have answers or angry over things that I think should be different.  I’m going to feed the wolf of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, kindness and self control. I’m going to feed it so that it is the only one that grows. And then when the battle comes, we know which one will win.

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On Being Green

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Saturday morning I got up with the munchkin, made some coffee, cut up some strawberries and sat down to feed him some oatmeal and fruit. As I pulled the chair out from the table, I noticed that the back was loose; not falling out right now loose, just kind of loose.  But it got me thinking. 

We were given our table and chairs by a family from our church when they were moving to California.  Jud and I were just dating and people were giving us furniture for our future. I suppose my parents knew this one was a keeper when we showed up at their house with furniture to store in their basement for some yet to be appointed time. It was great to not have to purchase a ton of stuff when we first tied the knot and most of what we received has held up remarkably well.

The table and chairs have taken some serious abuse.  The family who gave them to us had a slew of kids, all really young and they were…um…busy.  We trucked the six chairs and table down to Dallas and then back up north with only one soldier down.  While in Dallas one of the chairs’ cross beams became so unsteady that we just put it out by the dumpster.  A few days later it showed up at our neighbors permanent garage sale, with the cross beam sawed off. I’m not sure if anyone bought it, but I really hope no one sat on it.  Danger.

So, I figured the next chair to go would leave us with four and then we’d be forced to either go buy some new chairs or to just replace the whole set.  I was day dreaming about a new table and the lack of desire I have to spend money on one when Gideon toddled toward the front windows.

Across the street, the neighbors were having a garage sale and were selling a strikingly similar table and chair set.  The only real difference is the shape of the seat and the table’s lack of butterfly leaf.  Similar enough for me to use the chairs without anyone really noticing that they are not a match.  

I waited for Jud to wander downstairs and told him about the sale.  We decided on a dollar amount that we would be willing to surrender for some more chairs (and obviously the table that would come along with it) and headed across the street. 

She wanted five dollars less than our cap.  Sold!  As Jud hauled the chairs and table across the street, I thought about how I would have never attempted to go garage sale-ing for additional chairs.  I hate the process.  I hate the driving.  I hate the hunt. It’s the same reason why I never leave a second hand shop with anything other than the desire to take a shower.  I’m just not patient or thorough enough to get to the pay off.

Thank goodness this garage sale came to me. It’s one less, or maybe two less, tables and chairs for the landfill.


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