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Anything Else

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Do you ever get incredibly bored reading the things that I write? You should. This has been the least exciting series of writing I have possibly ever done. Why you still bother to meander onto this site is beyond me, but since you are here, I will give you the run down of things I currently am ranting about in my own mind. Perhaps some of these things will entertain.

– Can you believe that the United States killed a man yesterday who was by all reasonable evidence wrongly convicted of a crime. Not an innocent man, by all accounts he was involved in law breaking, but he was convicted for the act of murdering a police officer and then someone else eventually confessed and just about all of the ‘eye witnesses’ admitted to being bullied by police interrogation practices and no one, not The System or the fail safe of a Governor would step in to stop it. I still think we have the best system in the world, but it presses in on me how flawed even the best things on this earth are.

– Speaking of earth! Don’t be alarmed about space junk falling and killing you. If you are, I have some chores for you to do because you have far too much time to sit and ponder things like the probability of dying from debris (odds: zero to you are not that important).

– Is the Big 12 going to finally implode? Will anyone take Oklahoma and OSU and the dread Longhorns? I’m starting to guess that nobody wants a team with their very own television channel to dork around with the balance of their other already committed and not so snotty nor self-righteous schools. Just a thought, but those white and burnt orange pants may be just a bit too small.

– I’m really tired of all the whining people are doing on Facebook about everything from the new layout (Waaa! I hate change!) to the cool air (Fall is here again?!) to the normal inconveniences of living every day life (I waited IN A LINE for LIKE 15 MINUTES!). I am sorry about how difficult your life is, but last I checked these things are best handled by properly evaluating your station in this world. Here’s your first world check list before you whine on FB:

1. Did I have to walk any distance outside of my house with a dirty container to get dirty water for my family to consume today?
2. Did I not enjoy the use of anything that required electricity or natural gas?
3. Don’t I own more than two pairs of clothing and shoes?

If you answered NO to any or all of these questions please feel free to complain. Otherwise, let’s all just attempt humor, catch up with people we barely know now and communicate things others will find interesting (oh now I’m whining about people whining. Good thing I live in the first world and had TIME to do it).

– I made some brownies and put peanut butter and chocolate chips in them. The rest of my brain power is engaged in a massive battle about those brownies. EAT THEM! What are you crazy? They are for tonight and you have already eaten some of them, you glutton! EAT THEM! EAT THEM! EAT THEM!

Now go. You’ve stayed your hour.

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Of Meltdowns and Mayhem

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This morning was so very very pressshhuuuuus. They got ready for leaving the house with only minor disagreements about where to brush their teeth (the living room is way more fun and we are more likely to drip toothpaste drool on your carpet! AND That is MY car seat! drama). Piper and I retrieved her Abby doll from Poppy’s house and she asked to eat pizza while we were there, which of course, was obliged. We dropped off dry cleaning. We picked up the Gidster. Normal ho-hum day.

Lunch and nap times passed uneventfully and then we went to the park. What is it about some days when you are feeling so wonderfully benevolent to the small people in your house and they just have to take that benevolence in their four tiny hands and rip its face off with their teeth? Yeah. The park was a disaster. A disaster with an audience. My very favorite of its kind. We left. Their sweaty feet stunk up the van while we drove home (don’t judge me. I need an option other than walking if Gummi Bear over here decides to land a swift kick to my bladder). In the house the feuding continued and now they are banished until their father arrives or Jesus comes back, whichever happens first.

One day I am sure I will look back on these days and not be able to even recollect the depths of their depravity as preschoolers, but I’m guessing there will be twos in front of their ages by then.

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In the AM

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This has been Gideon’s first week of preschool. Originally we were going to take him three days a week so that we could still have two mornings where we were together, but he asked to go five days and kind of begged to go five days at the end of the summer so we agreed. This week has felt very odd without him around the house in the mornings. Granted, he only has ‘school’ for 2.5 hours, but our entire schedule is completely altered.

For instance, I was prone to not showering before Piper’s nap time, which also meant I was prone to laying around all morning letting the hours somehow slip by me without being productive in any way whatsoever. This week I’ve been hitting the shower at normal people hours (in part due to the fact that I am not working out at all, blaming Gummi Bear for this laziness and thinking thoughts about how a heartbeat of 140 isn’t working out anyway), applying makeup prior to my 4:30 “Jud will be heading home in the next hour” preparation time, and in general finding out what I always knew to be true. When you get ready for the day, your day goes so much better. It sets the tone for engaging the world, the kids and the various machines around our home that help me out. I’ll probably never know why I need to be fully dressed to confront the washing machine and the loads of laundry sitting in front of it, but I can’t deny the reality that is our home when I am put together.

I had kind of counted on the idea that Gid would be gone in the mornings but very present in the afternoons. Piper and I would get some serious alone time while he was in class. Gideon and I would get that same alone time while she napped. But let me tell you about how tired he is after holding himself together for those 2.5 hours. Extremely. Insanely. He’s lash-out-and-randomly-kick-your-sister tired. I obliged him with nap time. He obliged me with sleeping. And now I have two hours in the afternoon to myself, to continue the productivity, to get some much needed rest myself, to work or pay the bills or prep supper. It is both wonderful and kind of sad, but I wouldn’t dare to keep the kid awake just to get to play with him, primarily because he is so out of his mind he can’t put a sentence together by 3pm and then all I do is correct and cajole for the rest of the day. He’s in bed directly after supper time and I really miss out on who he really is.

So we are saddled with nap time for both of them again, even if he doesn’t really take a very good one every day. In the meantime I’ll keep enjoying the days spent with both of them and looking forward to happy hours filled with pre-Kindergarten fun.

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Links for The Newbs

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Hey there brand new Mamas. I hear you want to cloth diaper your baby that is still gestating or is yet fresh. Congratulations on that kind of awesomeness. Feels kind of like entering into an insane hippie world where I will be forced to make my own granola too (I’m sure it is delicious! I love reading your recipes! I just buy Cascadian Farms because it is so EASY).

In spite of those patchouli scented fears, I will admit that I SOMETIMES, every so often, when everything is not aligned, think about it. Should I jump in and get a system? Should I be the only one in this house who diapers the next baby? Would this change how much sleep I get post partum?

These thoughts have nowhere to go. Scratch that. Had nowhere to go. For now, the incredible Amalah has written down her thoughts on it all. They are good thoughts. Thoughts you may or may not be interested in reading. If not, don’t click. If you are, here’s where to look:

Post #1 – the preamble

Post #2 – the dirty truth

Post #3 – yet to come

Yeah. These were so good that I am posting a link to the third installment that is yet to come. Sorry, it was that good.

Thought you might want to read for yourself and perhaps jump into the comments over there or here or whatevs. Kisses, hippies!

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Seeing is Believing

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A couple of months ago now Piper started doing this really fast blinking thing. Not all the time and not just at certain times, but randomly throughout the day, she would blink a whole bunch and the lift her chin and squint, like her Poppy does when he doesn’t have his glasses handy. It was kind of cute and I didn’t think anything about it at first. She has some crazy odd hair right now. I figured it was poking her in the eyes and annoying her. I ignored it.

But my mom didn’t. She’s good like that. She poked at me a little to ‘have that checked out’ and I drug my feet a little. By the time I was convinced that something could maybe possibly actually be incorrect and finally called the pediatric eye doctor there was a two week wait. TWO WEEKS. Two weeks including a vacation where she claimed to not be able to see the mountains of Colorado. THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Yeah. I wasn’t going to cancel that appointment.

I woke Gideon from his nap (His NAP!! He took a NAP today and hopefully all of the terrible behavior of late will dissipate now that his will has been bent back to mine and he is getting rest in the afternoon) and loaded them into the van. Fantastic office. Great doctor. All of the staff commented on her shoes. The doc asked if she is always this cooperative (answer: for doctors? yes. girl loves to get checked out by medical professionals. She’ll need a job with great benefits some day). And then he pronounced her far sighted. The exact opposite of what I thought might be the problem. Huh.

Blinking? Guesses: She colors and writes ALL the time and perhaps does not blink so much while she is creating. Blinking when she is done is the overcompensation for her concentration. OR she maybe just likes blinking and got into a habit and since she is two she keeps doing it, without really thinking about it. OR there’s always that hair thing. If only she loved barrettes just a bit more.

Whatever the case, she doesn’t need glasses. Neither does Gideon. But they both complained about their eyes on the way home. I don’t have to guess at why. Licorice sticks as rewards convinced them both that getting their eyes dilated is worth the trouble.

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