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Lookin Good Pop Pop

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For a few years I have been increasingly annoyed by the price of paying for smooth legs and under arms. My husband’s face feels so wonderful right after a good shave. And yet the cost of maintaining all of the unwanted hair in our lives was steadily rising. Annoyingly rising.

It felt like we couldn’t do anything about it.

Then Jud saw this [warning: there is swearing, including the famed word that begins with the same letter as famed. If you find that offensive, then you probably shouldn’t watch it because you will be offended and then I won’t know it and it will be all weird the next time you see me because you’ll be hoping I apologize and I won’t even know you watched this while your children were listening and they think you are the devil now or at least that I am and your home life is all complicated and I’m just walking by you thinking that everything is copacetic]…

And so we tried it out. We’ve been using the $6/month plan for a while now and we are so happy and have so much less hair.

Thanks, Dollar Shave Club. Thank you very much.

You can try it out too. That’s why I’m telling you about it. So you too can save some serious cash while still getting your mug and your legs smooth and they’ll even deliver it right to you. How could shaving get any better than that?

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Two for Joy

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Last Saturday night, Jud drove me to Lincoln to see one of my favorite bands. Tonight Jud mentioned that this was the most mainstream band he’s ever seen live. Mainstream and nostalgic. Listening to them play was like listening to the soundtrack of my life. From my bedroom window in Landstuhl to just the other night while Jud and I were working, they have been singing and playing behind most of the major points of my life. I’m grateful – to them for their incredible music and to Jud for buying me tickets (and some tacos) for a fantastic evening out (and to my mother who watched our children while we stayed out very very late).

Let’s reminisce together now.

We were so young:

Outside the amphitheatre. Perfect weather. Perfect scenery. Perfect (for me) partner.

They were so good:

Lights were good. Sounds was awesome. My ears were ringing the next morning. The amphitheatre was a fantastic venue.

Wish you could’ve been there too. In the meantime, go hop on Spotify and listen to Recovering the Satellites or Hard Candy and just see what happens.

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Change is In the Air

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The silver maple in our front yard has been mulched into tiny wood chips in the back of a truck. The shade it provided us, during these hot summer days, is all gone now. That very green grass in the middle of our yard will probably leave us too and we’ll have to put fill dirt over the stump once it is ground down next week or the week after.

Piper wanted to take a nap today. I moved her bed out of the blue room and back into the pink one. When Greer wakes up crying tonight, this will all become more interesting. In the meantime, she sleeps.

Greer, who used to nap for hours — once for four consecutively — has been cat napping for a week. It makes life a little trickier but I’m not excited about it like I would’ve been before 2012.

I’ve been exercising to DVDs that we recently sifted out of boxes in the garage, but I still can’t find my weights. If I’m going to get some muscles, I’m going to have to find those.

The baby is rocking on her hands and knees. It’s coming soon.

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Triple Threat

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If this picture doesn’t convince you that you should have another baby, nothing will.

It’s so much MORE fun every time. Nothing wrong with the kids you already have, of course, but this is the part of parenting you already KNOW. It’s the baby stuff. The easy stuff [it didn’t feel easy the first time. The first time it felt like someone kept throwing me into a washing machine and letting me whack my head into a concrete wall over and over again while everyone else in the world was asleep. And the second time I was finally just exhaling. Finally breathing again but not all at once because I hadn’t even successfully potty-trained a person yet, so what was I doing with two human beings relying on me all the time for sustenance and entertainment? Who had left these kids with me and when were they going to come pick them up?] is the stuff that comes first.

Of course, I didn’t have any real pukers or babies with heart holes or colic or breathing disorders. Those things would obviously complicate matters far beyond anything I’ve ever dealt with in Babyland.

We’ve had sleep deprivation and strange rashes and random screaming and babies who can’t soothe themselves and tooth pain and fingernails cut too closely and ear infections and all of this stuff and more with which I can deal. It’s easy now. The third kid [and her incredibly easy temperament, to be sure] is making me feel like I’m running in stride.

The older two throw me curve balls now and again. They are walking over ground I’ve not covered before. Soon they will both have two activities outside the home each week. Two separate items for which we must plan and execute totals four total events for the two of them. And Greer will roll with it. She’s great at rolling. Their Mama is going to need to roll right along and enjoy the ride, even over these uncharted territories.

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It’s just before one o’clock and there is a sixteen pound baby nursing in my one arm. The other arm has, until this very moment, been helping me hold up a book that I’ve been reading swiftly. It’s good and it’s non-fiction but not in a self-help kind of way.

There are two children in the blue room (which is what we call it now instead of Gideon’s room because Piper sleeps there too and she takes offense) who are playing nicely with the door closed. Their muffled voices sweep through every level of the house, save the basement, where the air conditioner is working it’s magical self ragged. It’s new, in terms of air conditioners, so it doesn’t sound alarmingly loud, but still, it drowns out all else in the basement when it’s working. I am sure that the relative niceness in which the children are currently playing can end at any moment, perhaps this one, so I will tip toe about hoping to prolong their pleasantries.

I’ve just ended a phone call with my husband who usually calls at least once a day to check in and see how his people are getting on. We are getting on well. He has news of a client and we talk the details to death. Then he needs to go and we remind each other of our love and hang up.

Prior to these moments, the children and I had been watching Charity: Water videos. I’ll never get over the Time Bomb Luxury Lab one. It’s how I first learned that the solvable issue in Africa isn’t civil war and isn’t how to help age long rivalries find civility – it is water. Water changes everything and you will never convince me otherwise. Water and Living Water are the two key issues everywhere, it’s just that most of the rest of us don’t have to give one thought to either of those issues in order to wake up tomorrow. You’ll just do normal things and get normal results. It’s luxury at it’s finest to be able to loose sight of the basics.

But here is the video that drew us in today. If you are on twitter, no doubt you’ve seen it already. If not, I think you should watch it. It made me cry, but not the kids. They’re far too practical for that. “Where is she buried?” asked one of them. “Why are they so happy?” asked another. “How many cars were involved? How long will the people have the clean water? How many people don’t have to drink dirty stuff now?” Good, practical, smart questions that I bet another little girl would’ve asked too.

Rachel Beckwith’s Mom Visits Ethiopia. from charity: water on Vimeo.

I’m off to hug my babies and get a drink of water and thank the Lord for all these things.

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