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We might have told you already that we have settled into a church. Now, like cowards, we are wondering if we’ve made the right choice. I could list off reasons why we aren’t sure we should’ve stopped looking, but instead I will tell you about the reasons why we thought we should stay.

1. Wednesday Nights. Every Wednesday night about 20 kids from surrounding apartment complexes show up at a designated spot. People from the church come to pick them up and bring them to the building where they are fed a meal, play games, sing a song or two, listen to a Bible lesson (of sorts) and make a craft. None of this is done especially well right now. Baby steps are needed to take control back from the kids and to actually engage them in spiritual matters. We met the children and fell in love with them. We’ve got ministry skills to help and time too.
2. Doctrine. The statement of the church is where we’re at, even if the people seem to have not been well educated in matters of theology. The pastor who teaches on Sunday mornings has been there for under a year and seems to be communicating fairly well.
3. Size. We like the idea of a non-mega church, which is much more rare in Dallas. It would be nice to be in a church family and feel like we have at least a pretty good knowledge of most of the people. We thought, ‘small church? They’ll be into all the small church stuff that we enjoy like potlucks and prayer chains and caring for each other.’ So far, we’re not so sure about those things, but we’re still really new.
4. Our friends seem to like it there.

So there you have it. Is that enough to stay? I could write down a bunch of reasons to go, but I’d rather think in these terms. Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Tomorrow night we are going to a fondue party for our friend Zanna who had a birthday in January that we have not yet celebrated. Jud has been pretty freaked out about not getting enough to eat at this thing, due to the smallness of the cubed food and the lack of side dishes or anything. Last night Daniel was assuring him that he did not have to eat before going and that he would get full. Funny thing is I’m not sure if I believe him. Jud is frequently very hungry. Very hungry = a TON of little cubes of meat and bread and all. I’d better go buy some meat to marinate so that it tastes good tomorrow and some fruit and bread and things (and possibly a hamburger or two so that Jud can snack on those in between his fondue cubes). I’m pretty sure you don’t call them fondue cubes but meats and food cut into tiny pieces like that shouldn’t be called anything else. It kind of reminds me of how in the 1970s people assumed the future would have everybody eating tiny pills and super wafers. Fondue was 1971s answer to the future. I’m not too sure about traveling into that future either, what with the shiny silver suits and all the metal furniture. That future looks really uncomfortable.

I once met this guy through Allison who was totally obsessed with the future and he would say all of these things like “in the future there is no color”. He lived like that too; without color I mean. He had these very nice end tables made out of salt licks and glass and everything was silver and white and black and pale blue. It was very futuristic. But then he moved to California and instead of loving the future he loved bleached tipped hair and boys. Turns out he was just some weird slave to being what other people thought was cool. He was right about the future, though. It will be cool.

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  1. The fondue experience taught me that fondue is probably the worst idea ever. How about you cook a real meal instead of just dancing around the idea and sharing meat flavors in a small bowl of warm grease? Sorry if this sounds mean. But I guess if I was really sorry I wouldnt be writing this.

    – Jud

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