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Its now back to game week and I’m looking forward to watching a good football game. This week is hectic. I just finished with my first Greek exam and I feel pretty confident about how I did on it. I guess the real verdict will come when I get it back.

The Texas heat is completely insane. Even though I am locked up in our apartment like some sort of pathetic hermit all day, I think the heat is completely out of hand. Earlier this week the forecast said that today was supposed to be in the 80’s. By 80’s they must have been omitting the 1 that preceded it. Instead of 80 it was over 100 again today. I guess this winter will be nice having temperatures where I never have to wear a jacket. However, that is still not a good thing about Texas. So to clarify, the tally of desired places to live stands at Texas 0, Everywhere else 100. Sorry, that was pretty lame but I’ve been wanting to express how much Texas is overrated. In that same vein, I read an article recently for a class about Dallas being the new capital of evangelicalism. Overall it was really interesting. The observation that I’ve been able to make regarding the state of evangelicalism in Dallas is that its a pretty true reflection of all of American Evangelicalism in that good churches that actually teach the Bible and are not blinded by money and numbers are a rare thing.

Well, I better start studying for the next exam. Its an Introductory Theology class that focuses primarily on worldviews and preliminary hermeneutical issues like Dispensationalism and etc. We’ll see how it goes, so far its been pretty disappointing. I hope everyone that reads this is doing really well. Kim and I are counting the days until we can see our friends and family again.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…

Iowa State 12, Nebraska 22.

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  1. Good guess on the outcome, can’t believe they pulled it off another week. 🙂 Libby (my parent’s 6lb dachshund) will never be the same after exuberant tosses in the air after overtime.

    Looked at apartments today and really wish I could have the Mackrill seal of approval. I’m really not ready to make a decision, but found a terrific deal, at least I think it is, but maybe I am just being sucked into a trap I will regret. Anyway, miss you guys!

  2. Hey Krystal. It was an awesome game to watch – next week will be the real test though.

    The one way that you could get our seal of approval is if you just move down here. We would hook you up with a place (probably in our same building). Kim and I really wish that we could be in Omaha right now…

    We look forward to seeing you if you come down with Tom in November.

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