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I think that its about time that we get this blog a bit more syndicated amongst our friends. Otherwise, anything that I/we publish on it will be pretty worthless aside from personal entertainment by the marvels of technology. Just as an update, Kim begins her new job tomorrow, please pray that things will go smoothly as she transitions there. I have a few days until things really get rolling at the Seminary, but I’m excited in the mean time with what I’m going to learn and study during the course of this semester and the time to come. The Lord has really made all of this possible and we’re so thankful that He has. Also pray for us as we continue to look for a new church. We visited the same place we did last week and once again we not that impressed by the actual service but found our selves really loving all the people we encountered. We’ll see what happens after next week when the Senior Pastor is back from the vacation he took this week. Thank you all for your thoughts, phone calls, prayers, and letters. Love, Jud & Kim. Posted by Picasa

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