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Hey everyone. I’m just wrapping up a pretty diverse day so I thought I would throw some of it up on the blog. Thursdays are usually kind of my reprieve from the rest of the week where I’m able to gather myself for friday and catch up from wednesday. However today was a huge mix of a lot of things such as work, reading, driving, watching soccer, sitting in class, and eating cornbread, pasta salad and a chedderwurst and 8:45 pm.

Probably since we got down here we’ve been anticipating seeing friends that play on our schools soccer team because they are scheduled to play in Dallas. Anyway, today is that day or should I say was that day. I made my way up to Farmers Branch (the area of Dallas where they played) and was refreshed to see Adam, meet his girlfriend and see various other people from my past. Kim joined me about 10 minutes into the game because she had to work until 3. The game was tied 2-2 when I had to leave for my Thursday evening Spiritual Life class. Traffic was crazy and I eventually made it to class about 5 minutes late and not in true accordance with Seminary dress code. [Some poeple get really obsessive about the dress code, those people need to get over it.] Tonight’s lecture was on grace and holiness so once I sat down I realized that it wasnt a big deal that I was in jeans. Before I got to class Kim called and let me know that Grace had won 3-2 in sudden death – I guess that means they’ll live to fight another day and we’ll drive to Farmers Branch another day (i.e., tomorrow at 3 pm). Hopefully after the game we’ll get some time to hang out with Adam, at least that will be our plan.

The other day I got a call from my friend Mark who was in Omaha at the Sokol Auditorium. Since Mark lives in Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN, I was pretty surprise. Right now he’s on tour with Underoath and Thrice representing Invisible Children. If you haven’t seen the Invisible Children DVD, I would definitely recommend it and it might help you care a little more about Africa. Its always exciting to see how the Lord is using Mark and I’m really excited for what his future holds. The whole call made me really miss Omaha and wish I could have been there to shoot the breeze with him and see the same friends I would always see at shows down at the Sokol. Posted by Picasa

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