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Here is one of the pictures that Kim would have liked to have included in her last post. This is from our trip to the farmer’s market on probably the coldest day I’ve experienced here in Dallas. Our friends made it back home safe and sound without the fires, ice, and other encumbrances hindering their progress. We were so blessed to have them down here and wished they were moving here instead of Wisconsin. Sam and Tawnya were raising support for their work they will be doing at Camp Forest Springs in the future. They are at about 50% of their 2006-2007 budget so if you would like to support them, please contact them

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  • Jeremy (far left) will be moving down in late June/early July to also attend seminary so I’m pretty excited about all of that. It will be super nice to have him down here. Hopefully I can help him and Rachel get an affordable apartment close to where we live. Kim always comments that Jeremy is like our brother and I really don’t think that there is a better way to put it. Jeremy is a stud and we look forward to him being here but we also know that he will be sorely missed in Omaha. Anyway, that’s all I have for now, I better get back to paper writing.

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