7 months

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Dear Greer –

You began the 7th month of your life without any teeth, not really moving and wonderfully content. Upon completion of your seventh month yesterday you had four teeth through your gums, climbed the stairs a few times as you crawled as fast as you can muster after your siblings and screeched about the idea of being placed inside a crib or pack-n-play instead of being allowed to free range with the older two. At 5:30 this morning when I heard you crying to eat, I found you standing up in the pack-n-play, clutching the side while giant tears rolled down your cheeks. You are so much older than I want you to be.

Your chub is thinning out, although you are still the chubbiest one to date in our house. I love your rolls. I love squishing my face into your chubby tummy and hearing your deep laugh. I love blowing your short, thin, wispy hair and watching your bright blue eyes blink in excitement over it. I love watching you watch your brother and seeing you light up. I love how you smile at just about everybody, provided you are not amazingly tired and the person you are staring at is not sunburned.

I love that you love the stroller. I love that you don’t fuss too much when I force you to upend your nap schedule on account of preschool hours and church activities and my absent-mindedness about the time. I love that you hug and snuggle. I love that your feet are sweaty. I love that you barely cared about the cold you caught last week, except when it made you choke in the middle of the night.

I love you so much. I always will.

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  1. I think she looks like you! And my baby is also growing up way too fast.

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