A Life Changing Birthday

Posted by on Mar 20, 2009 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

This morning, Jud walks downstairs to the family room where I am feeding the baby with this look of total shock.  I can’t tell if the news he is about to deliver is good, bad or just completely off the wall.  With very wide eyes and a wrinkled forehead he asks “Have you taken a shower with the new shower head yet?”

I said no.

He replied,”It’s life changing.”  

I laughed and thought, well then, Happy 27th Birthday and sort of dismissed his excitement.

I just took a thirty minute shower and have converted to the cult of the new shower head.  For lo, it is amazing.  Water Pik, you are amazing.


  1. That’s hilarious and awesome. A shower head truly can make or break your day.

    Seriously, we want more Piper.

  2. wow, a new baby AND a new showerhead. Sounds like a great birthday 😉

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