A Little Anxious

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So, I got this in the mail the other day from my OB/GYN office’s patient accounts department:


The best part is that I was in their office the day after this letter was drafted and already paid the full balance then.  I got the bill in the mail the day after I received this letter.  I guess their patient accounts department is keeping them from feeling any of the recession pain.  Smart.

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  1. that’s pretty funny. I hate letters like that, makes me suck in my breath as I open it. I used to get bills for $1, I put off paying it for a few months because it costs almost half that just to mail it. They started sending collecters after me for it! So I marched to the front desk next time I was there and handed them a dollar bill and told them what had been going on, they thought it was funny– had no idea their system did that to me!

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