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So, remember that burning problem of what to do above the mantle?  Well, we’re on our way to solving it.  


Help Wanted

Help Wanted


I’m a simple girl and don’t typically have a lot of knickknacks strewn about. But I think this still needs something.  The question is: What is it?…Something colorful?  Something candle-ish?  Something round? Something tall?  All suggestions welcome but only the good ones will be indulged.


  1. Looks great so far! Yes, I love the clean lines look. It seems like a bit more color of some kind would be good…something that’s already in the room, perhaps? Have fun decorating!

  2. I actually think it looks ok, maybe a candle by the container thingy? although I’ll admit that advice on this stuff doesn’t mean much from me, I’m no martha. my decorating is more like “I have to fit these things on this shelf somehow, which way would look the nicest”

    Thanks for not-minding about me linking to your blog on mine. I appreciate it.

    PS- that stuff about the house making people fat is pretty funny.

  3. you knew this was coming, right?! you’ve got some great stuff up there, my friend. though it requires more thought than i’ve given in the last minute, my initial thought is: green. it needs green. like a decorative grass of some sort. sounds lame, i know. but, i can see it in my head. a long, rectangular box with grass. let me find something to link. i’ll certainly be back. =) and, lastly, i think you need to add something taller on the left side. =) you’d think i liked decorating… well, maybe you would think i actually had some experience in the field for the desire that i have to know what i’m talking about. =)

  4. I vote for decorative sod. with decorative earthworms.

    Just kidding, Jenn. 🙂 You have good insight. I’m going to go back to not being involved in home decoration. If it needs nails, I’ll be there.

  5. Yes….yes… I’m with Jenn on the decorative grass….good thinking…..you can get it fairly inexpensively and you’d be amazed how much it adds….we’ve got some in our living room and I love it! Good bye real plants….I welcome fake ones….:)

  6. I vote with Jud. Maybe a chia pet or something. As for the height issue—do they make a chia garaffe? Just some thoughts. Take them for who wrote them. (that is why Tesa does the decorating)

  7. Going through some of the same things here. Redecorating the livingrm, diningrm. Unemployment comes in handy for some things (like cheap labor). I do agree with Jenn. Something green in the middle and the left should be higher, maybe a candle of some sorts. Lantern style maybe. Keep us posted. Hope your cold leaves quickly. Love you all, Aunt Pam

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