A Week From Now

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So, you know it’s almost over (or about to begin) (or the end of the age) (or the day in which the pundits heads will officially pop). Just one more week to figure out which judges you’ll vote to retain and which propositions you’ll officially be against.  And there’s also that whole presidential thing. 

If you live in the same state as us, you may want to hop on over to voterinformation.org.  It is a non-partisan site that essentially sends all of the candidates questions to which they supply answers.  Straight-forward and I’ve always found it helpful.  The State Bar Association also posts their results from surveys given to attorneys about the judges in front of whom they appear.  Their thoughts on whom should be retained are somewhat helpful.  You can check out this pdf for the details. Additionally, to view a sample ballot, click here.

Again, there are plenty of other races than THE BIG ONE about which you should be educated, so don’t show up to your polling place without the proper work ahead of time.

One of my favorite things this year has been the fact that we are not only receiving phone calls from our current local representatives but also the ones in whose district we used to live, when we lived in Texas. There’s nothing quite like automated calls to make me feel nostaglic, or twitchy.  Whichever. 

If you’ve got other helpful sites that we should visit, just go post them down there in the comments.  We’ll be sure to check them out. 

In the meantime, edjumacate thyself.


  1. This is good stuff Kim, thanks for the post!

  2. well, our household was among the many early voters here in the Big-D. now, i feel like i can breathe again… continuing to pray! =) p.s. i’m thinking it’s time for more pics. =)

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