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Thursday night the baby woke up choking and coughing and demanding that we make him a hot toddy.  Hot libation aside, we catered to him and the labored breathing all night, mostly by me holding him while he walloped me in the head with his cast. By 7:30, when he woke up after sleeping for a solid hour without waking up, we were both exhausted.  

Jud went off to work.  Gideon refused to eat anything and I waited for the phones to roll over at the pediatrician’s office.  We scored an 11:30 appointment and both laid down to take naps. Poppy came over to lend a hand and then the three of us took off for Colorado Springs, which is where the doctor’s office is. A half hour later, when we finally got there (am I complaining about how far away something is in this city?  Sheesh.  It’s like I never even lived in Dallas), Gideon’s temperature was 101.9, his throat was still scratchy… and his ears?  You guessed it.  Both infected.  Both red.  Both angry.  

We were sent home with prescriptions, including one for drops that have a numbing agent, and instructions to come back when he is better to speak with our regular pediatrician. She was off yesterday, but I know what she will say when we return.  I want her to say it.  I am READY.  

It’s tube time.


  1. So… we are on our Mexican mission trip, and I had a minute to catch up on some things that I do on a daily basis. WOW… so much has happened in my days away from the computer!!! I’ll be praying for sweet Gideon and for his healing… sounds like you all need some extra grace these days. =) In return, you can pray for me. My spanish has come back more than i could have possibly imagined. But, I need a little more confidence to get into conversations with the people we are serving. =) Love y’all!

  2. We did tubes for Elijah…after 12 infections by 6 months if that is even possible, I was done too. They were AMAZING! Can I sing that… I was in the office every two weeks it seemed until 6 months and after that…nadda. YES! Sweet bliss. He didnt get another infection in his ears…we had plenty of other diseases *rolls eyes*..until just recently when they fell out. But for three years it was awesome…I wouldn’t be surprised if we go back soon to get more tubes as since they have fallen out we have already been back for 3 ear infections.

    Good Luck!! I hope you are able to get good results with them!

  3. I’m also a believer in the tubes. Go for it, sister!

  4. oh bummer, poor little guy! I haven’t much experience with the ear troubles but I do feel for ya as I have been lately dealing with the little girl version of things that get easily infected. Pearl is on medicine for a UTI, I feel like she’s too young for this! Poor, sick kiddos! Hope Gideon feels better very soon!

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