Adventures in Pharmaceuticals

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Yesterday I went to refill a prescription. It went a little something like this:

Jud and Kim enter CVS and walk toward the counter in the back. Jud stops at the magazine rack and begins loading his mind with Big 12 information. Kim waits for pharmacy workers to pay attention to her.


Kim gave the pharmacy man the new scrip from the doctor and said that she also wanted a refill.

Pharmacy man acknowledged the request and then immediately jumped back into his conversation with the pharmacy girl.

Kim walks to Jud and looks at the covers of shiny magazines, feels slightly deflated to be exposing white fleshy thighs near such bronzed, air-brushed pictures and tries to think of other things to do in the store.

She decides to chat up her husband while they wait. He pays attention but while he is replying, the conversation of the pharmacy boy and girl gets louder. At one point, Kim believes she hears her first name and begins to walk over, but no one pays attention to her. She remembers that they announce when prescriptions are ready by last name over the intercom. She walks back to Jud.

Kim kills time by perusing the 75% off shelves and alternately thinks things like “Wow! Hair gel for a buck fifty!” “A Hot Dog Toaster would be so funny to own” “Maybe highlighting my hair with severely discounted chemicals is a bad idea”.

Jud remembers he’ll need caffeine to live this week and wanders over to the soda selections where he loads his arms with three bottles of Coke.

Kim begins reading the funny titles of dime store books out loud, but she is beginning to simmer.

The annoyance has grown into little pinched points at the corners of her mouth and despite her attempts to keep from shooting daggers with her eyes, the pharmacy girl realizes that Kim is now fully listening to her conversation and staring at her. She squints at Kim for about ten seconds and then asks, “Do you have a question?”

“Just waiting to get my prescription filled.”

Pharmacy boy smarmily replies with “I said ‘Kim’ a while ago.”

Kim, now testier than the situation merits, “I believe my prescription is for ‘[Last Name], Kimberly.'”

Jud, not as testy and cradling the three pop bottles like the preshus nectar it is, mumbles something about professionalism, hopefully loud enough that both girl and boy could hear.

Neither move to assist, forcing the woman who is clearly making minimum wage and obviously not originally from this country to help them. She is polite, even when they learn that the price of the prescription has increased by $15. Kim is not as nice as she and this will haunt her.


  1. Love the new look!

  2. I’m glad you do. I think I still have a lot of stuff I want to change about it but we’ll see what happens. It’s definately a lot easier to read than the old one.

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