All Apologies (to my Aggie-loving homies)

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I think this story is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. (probably because Nebraska is now the butt of every Big 12 joke and I’m looking for a little respite, but…).

We were kind of hoping to land some of these. Now it looks like the frat is in trouble for making and selling them. We may resort to the old spray paint and cheap t-shirt trick, since we’re going to the A&M game in a couple of weeks.

I don’t think I ever gave you my opinion about this news item, and I know you’ve been wondering.

I think it’s nowhere near as big a deal as the media hype. I don’t think we should all go round hacking up animals and the like, but I also think we should give the man community service at the SPCA for the rest of his life and let him play some football. I agree with my friends who have noted that he should’ve killed his girlfriend, wife or some random woman before he killed those dogs because at least then he wouldn’t have to do any jail time. Those dogs’ families must have paid a pretty penny for their attorneys. I also think he should write a book entitled “Oops, I Did It” that way we can all talk about Britney, OJ and Michael Vick in one sentence instead of talking about real news. I’m so glad we’ve all gotten bored with things that really matter. At least now our society is just that much closer to collapsing.

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