All Talk No More

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Here’s our living room before…

And after….

Yes, the plaid chair looks a bit foolish with the rug and yes, we will eventually purchase different shades of blue and green pillows for the sofa. No, we aren’t going to buy the club chair from Target (even though it is on sale right now and we would LOVE to move the plaid chair back into our bedroom) or new pillows anytime soon. We have a school bill waiting for us in just one month now and we are going to put first things first. You know, rugs!

To celebrate our new rug, we had two of my friends over, Ronke and Celisse. Celisse’s son came along too. We ate Scalini’s pizza (which our neighbors introduced us to and it is so good) and watched Rent (which was not good at all, really). But we had a good time and it was very nice of them to travel all the way from Richardson to nearly downtown Dallas, which is such a long trip that they actually had to make a pit stop. Too bad they couldn’t stay for breakfast.

Ronke and the Jesiah

Just Jesiah


  1. Love that rug!!! And, maybe you’re just making a decor statement with the different patterns. =) Can’t wait to see it…I say, job well done on making a fabulous decision. It’s such a comfort to know the bun in the oven will have a place to crawl someday…HA!!! =) Great joke, huh! By the way, I also love the fact that I see our dear Oprah on the TV in the background. Altogether beautiful! =)

  2. the worst part of that picture is the fact that I’m watching Oprah! Its like some sort of published blackmail. I dont care if she’s the world’s most powerful woman, down with Oprah!

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