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I would be remiss to not mention the winter wonderland we are currently surrounded by, the likes of which I have never seen in this city.  This morning it is fa-fa-fa-chilly out with blowing snow and more on the way.  This is the part where I would probably say something about Algore or the climate change war but I think we’ve all batted that around far too many times. 

Instead I’m just going to lament that between all the infected ears, runny noses and high fevers I haven’t really thought much about leaving the house, save the times when we bundle everyone up and drive to the doctor or my parents’ place.

While taking down the tree this morning (yeah, the Christmas tree. Stop judging me) I remembered how I was going to go shop all those after Christmas sales to buy some new ornaments for next year. Ah, there’s always 2011. Perhaps the next winter will not be so brutal, will not enslave me to the sofa and blanket, will not afford me the luxury of blaming laziness on wind chills and then I will venture out to the open air mall where I will purchase fabulously discounted, festive tchotchkes and world peace will fall from the sky like tiny butterfly wings floating like flotsam. Or, you know, maybe not.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the view from our front window.

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  1. it’s perfectly acceptable to just now be taking your tree down. As we heard in church, and then Jesse heard in Spanish class at school (studying Mexican culture), the kings coming to see Jesus is traditionally celebrated on 1/6, so in a way Christmas is still going on until then

    And as for buying clearance Christmas ornaments, just you wait a couple more years and there will be no room on your tree for your choice of such things, there will just be much hollering of little voices who say “but I MADE that, we HAVE to keep it!” about flimsy ugly decorations sent home by the truckload from school, church, grandma’s house, and more 😉

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