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Thank you to everyone who’s been praying for my dad. The doctor removed a little over 1 foot of his large intestine, the part that included a flat tumor about the length of a pinky finger. It’s being sent to pathology so that they can decide if any additional steps need to be taken. He was joking with everyone that he was having a C-section, especially because they gave him an epidural, which he will have for a few more days. So, obviously he’s not feeling any pain, which is good. It was a crazy long day at the hospital and his surgery took longer than expected, so my mom started to get a little wigged out, but all in all it was fine. He’s already had a bunch of visitors and so many people have called to check in on him which just reminds me how much people love my dad. I am sure he is doing so well because of all of the prayers.

Now, let me get to a few things about hospital etiquette. First, do not speak loudly about procedures that your loved ones are undergoing. Yes, we are all curious, but no, we do not need to know the minutiae of your husbands health and personnality problems. Second, please do not take over the private room where doctors tell people that their loved ones didn’t do so well with your humongous family so that you can all watch nascar or whatever. Also, do not give out the number of the telephone that is used to update families on the patient who is in surgery to all of your relatives so that they can call you eighty-billion times, ensuring that the surgery unit will hear a busy signal when they attempt to contact families. Finally, please, do not forget your hairbrush when you are going to have surgery, or simply ask one of the nurses to bring you one. They will do so happily and you will look less crazy.

A side note: If you are familiar with my food addiction, you’ll know that I talk about food all the dang time, which is common for my family. So, here’s your food update from yesterday.
Breakfast: 1 slice of banana bread from the hospital cafeteria, surprisingly delicious and one mediocre cup of coffee.
Lunch: Pasta Reggio from the famed Lo Sole Mio (where Jud and I had our rehearsal dinner) because if you are going to have to sit in a hospital waiting room from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm you might as well eat delicious things. And so, we did.
Supper: Still digesting the Pasta Reggio from lunch
Snack: A cinnamon roll from Bonnie (nobody makes cinnamon rolls like Bonnie, so I ate my breakfast before I went to bed).

Well people, I’m heading back up to the hospital now. Thanks for all the calls and emails and well wishes. We love you too and thanks for praying.

(by the way, this is/was Jud posting this because Kim had trouble with it on her computer)

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