Amarillo By Mornin’

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Tomorrow morning we are driving to Amarillo to see the friends who live there. We will have a great fourth.

We spent tonight with Jamie and Tammie and the kids. We had a great time with them and are glad that they will be just a little over four hours away. That’s close by Texas or Nebraska standards.

Who Loves Baby Chloe?

Jud does.

Tammie does.

Toby does.

Kim does.

Who loves each other?

We do!

(“Who loves Baby Chloe?” could also be called “Eat your Heart out Kristi or Paula or [insert any of the CBC youth group girls names here]”)

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  1. Not funny! I am eating my heart out, that family will be missed by so many, not just me. Jud and you both look pretty good with a little one in your arms! (No, that’s not a hint, okay, maybe it is, but only after the schooling is done)

    Love you guys! 🙂 Mom

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