An Introvert Walks into a Group

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The kids are resting soundly after an evening of fun and over stimulation. Piper came through the door announcing that Gideon is just over tired and that Cubbies was SO FUN. Gideon came through the door overwhelmed and ready to get in bed. Since his night involved football practice and sand at a park, he was ushered into the shower. He told me there were six billion kids in Sparks. He told me that this night was not like the other nights and they didn’t do anything normal. He told me he didn’t have any fun. He told me he doesn’t like Awana.

Good thing Jud was there to record this:

He was having fun here. He is smiling. Of course, he is hanging out with high school students in a much smaller group of people than the giant group of children his own age.

But here is who [I am pretty sure] he is: Planner Inspector: ISTJ. His Meyers Briggs profile provides the following:

Family is of the utmost importance to the ISTJ. The order and schedule of a home life is very important. Any family member who rebels against order is likely to anger the ISTJ who revolves their life around a sense of conformity. The ISTJ is likely to want breakfast at 8, lunch at 12 and dinner at 6 no matter what, holidays with the family are of paramount importance and no sacrifice is too great to keep the unit intact.

The ISTJ likes to also have order in their friends and in their appearance. Hanging out with the wild and crazy isn’t likely to happen. ISTJ’s tend to develop strong, loyal, consistent friendships that stand the test of time. ISTJ’s may have trouble showing emotion but within the strength of a time-tested friendship they often find comfort.

In love relationships the ISTJ is a strong believer in taking responsibility. They also say the things they mean. Often they are accused of being uncaring but they view the benchmark of commitment by actions and not words. The ISTJ is more interested in being the Rock of Gibralter and day to day success than words that are not backed up with actions.

The predominate configuration of the United States Military is ISTJ. If you like order the military is the place to be. Other professions that tend to draw the ISTJ’s wants for schedules and results oriented satisfaction are general surgery, law and accounting. The ISTJ can be a success at any career but tend to shy away from careers that require abstract thinking and interpersonal spontaneity. Other popular ISTJ career directions include: Management, Accounting, Auditing, Engineer, Dentists, Stock Brokers and Law.

The ISTJ is often a good student. In classes such as science and math they tend to excel due to their factual nature. More abstract classes tend to frustrate the ISTJ but they try to do what “should” be done. In summation the ISTJ student will usually try to do what the instructor asks because that is what should be done.

Piper had only happy thoughts to share from Cubbies. Her friends were there! They colored! She got papers in her bag! Look! Papers!

And here is who I think she probably is: Envisioner Mentor: ENFJ.

The ENFJ is known as the great communicator. They often focus their direction on other people and are adept at understanding other people. They are ready to lead friends and display loyalty to those who follow them.

In love relationships the ENFJ is looking for happiness. They do sometimes over indulge in this pursuit and can forget to listen to a mate rather than force their view.

Family events are fun for the ENFJ. Without even being asked the ENFJ will assume responsibility for entertaining those around them. If the ENFJ is affirmed, all the better for their efforts.

ENFJ’s are drawn to careers that serve others with minimal chance for conflict. Detail and paperwork can cause angst for the ENFJ who hates to be alone. They are often drawn to religious groups and academia, situations where they can interact with others and be challenged. Other popular ENFJ career directions include: Entertainer, Artist, Psychologist and Occupational Therapist.

The ENFJ is an imitation learner. They like to have role models or heroes and do their best to emulate them. They will follow these heroes to roles that may be far away from their natural talents.

Two very different, wonderfully different kids. Two different nights and two different perspectives. I love them so stinking much.


  1. I’m glad she liked Cubbies 🙂

  2. Lauren – She loved it. And she continues to describe you as her ‘sparkly friend Lauren’.

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