And Now All of the Air Has Been Forced Out of My Lungs

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Surgery day was this day.  This morning.  This very early morning began with a 5 am wake up and a quarter to six drive to a lovely new clean hospital with shiny faces and a toy room.  Gideon did great even with the somewhat abrupt awakening and confusing drive in the dark.

They gave him a little happy juice to mellow him out.  Let me tell you that there will be days when I will wish for a secret vial of this goodness in the future.  He was cuddly if a little clumsy and so mellow about the whole bit.  He rode around in their red wagon.  He played with a horribly annoying bus that I thought we may need to smash and an abacus that he loved.

They came back to get him and sooner than I could stuff a muffin into my mouth, they were back.  All had gone swimmingly.  He was in recovery and would come out soon.  And he did.  Whiny and upset and only really wanting Dadda.  Who could blame him?  When you wake up in a strange room wondering what just happened The Supreme Protector is the only one who can bring any comfort at all. 

When Dadda left for the office, Poppy took over the holding job and Gideon rather quickly nodded back off into the hazy land of drug induced sleep.  He woke for the car ride and the stop for breakfast (the raisin bombs in his cinnamon bagel were a huge hit) and then promptly zonked back out on the way home.  It couldn’t have gone smoother.  He couldn’t have been braver. 

But were both really tired.

Look for the rebound soon.


  1. I was wondering how it went today. Glad to hear all is well.

  2. Glad it went well.

    I just hollered at Brandon to come in here & see the latest picture of the cutest kid ever!! My word. Does that kid just get cuter every day or what. It’s sickening really.

    Love & miss you all!

  3. I’m so glad everything went well today. Please make sure you take care of yourself too!!! It’s okay to say “No” sometimes. Love ya, Ronke

  4. Thanks for posting – SO glad it went smoothly! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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