And Other Things You Didn’t Care To Know

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Things I have done within the past week…

1. Changed eleventy million diapers.

2. Hosted a party where we played Scattegories. Anyone who’s ever played that game with Jud around knows how much fun we had. Somehow this came up again. What were the chances of us getting a ‘P’ for that card again?

3. Killed my mom at Wii bowling.

4. Broke two toes on a piece of baby gear in the hallway.

5. Did not kill the two little wiener schnitzels that run around this place and bark all the ever-loving time…yet.

6. Attempted an art project (you could call it a craft, if you must) from the Better Homes & Gardens November magazine that looked crazy easy and was absolutely the opposite.

7. Hosted a lunch for some ladies where I displayed the poorly done craft.

8. Made two cheesecakes. Chocolate Chip and Cherry.

9. Continued to hope that the magical laundry fairy will come in the middle of the night to take care of the Katrina-esque mess in the basement.

10. Decided to cut my hair. Still figuring out how it should be cut. Something hip-er. Something that I wouldn’t have done while working in an office. Something better than this. Any suggestions?

[Also accepting suggestions about how to rotate pictures imported with Picasa so that Blogger will not upload them landscaped].


  1. Double click the picture then at the bottom middle of Picasa there are two rotate buttons, one to rotate counterclockwise and one to rotate clockwise. Of course that is only in the western hemisphere, those in the estern hemisphere must just sit and eat on the wall. Of course I hope that you didn’t change eleven million diapers before elevenses, on Tuesday. Sounds like a busy week.

  2. so, this was a nice surprise on my way to bed tonite. don’t know why the last thing on my to-do list each day is to check e-mail. you would think that checking after work would suffice. anyway… i, of course, had to write because you know how i am about lady lunches! and, i also get better homes (and southern living, of course!). those pumpkins really caught my eye, and i’m proud that you completed the “project”! from my view, they look great! of course, i’m also wondering about the menu…working out my tasty treats for this year’s holiday brunch!

  3. forgot to mention the scattegories ordeal! how disappointing that our sweet, young jud would not learn from his first time around! =) it tells me that God allowed it in order test him… and he apparently failed the test: the test of bending rules. =) seriously now, what are the chances?! =)

  4. Dear Jenn –

    bending rules = expanding the possibilities. if you want you can allow yourself to be limited by a few measily rules written on cheap cardstock or you can expand the horizons of potential that lay within the game Scatagories. The choice is yours. In the meanwhile I’m trying to kick the ole’ picking pecks of pickled peppers habit. It’s a tough thing to shake though.

  5. Phil – I do know about those lovely little buttons at the bottom of the Picasa deal. The pics look fine in Picasa. I only have the problem when I attempt to upload them into Blogger….but WHY????

  6. Jenn – I totally cheated on the menu and did a potluck soup & bread deal. The ladies brought some really delicious breads (banana, butterscotch, sourdough, a nice and yeasty white) and two yummy soups (chicken noodle and a wild rice soup). I made vegetable cheese and chicken tortilla (both are in my cookbook) and provided the cheesecake, coffee, and (my current fav) iced green tea with honey.

    I think the BH&G pumpkins looked amazing, but I’m guessing they did about fifty of them before they looked that awesome. However, it would’ve been a fun project to due with all of the ladies because I’m sure most of them are WAY better at crafts and they would’ve looked very nice.

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