And They’re Always Glad You Came

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Yesterday was the first day of reality. Jud went off to work around 7:15. Grandma and Poppi left before 8:00. Gideon and I stayed home. I wasn’t really sure what the day would hold, but figured the house needed some much needed organization following the big truck of household items that seemed to have spewed it’s contents all over my parent’s house. So, I got to work. Every time Gideon feel asleep, I put him down and organized. When he was awake and happy, he laid on our bed while I put clothes away and rearranged the furniture. We got tons of stuff done, but by 3:45, we were both pretty tired and we slept.

Poppi woke me up at 5:00 and we got our rears in gear. Grandma and Jud rolled in a little bit later and after eating supper we all booked it up to the church. Poppi taught a counselor training session that Jud attended while Grandma, Gideon and I went to our baby shower.

The Multipurpose Room was filled with ladies who love us and it was so fun to just be back with all of them. Gaye did the devotional, talking about the stages of parenting…Care giving, Coaching and Counseling…and Bonnie was the hostess who made it all fabulous (and she made the cake!). Now, instead of having our belongings strewn across the house, we have presents for Gideon.

It was a very good first day of normal and I love being able to stay home with our little guy. It’s a totally different kind of job than the ones I’ve worked at hospitals and law firms and churches and in the tech world, for one thing nobody ever pooped on me at those other jobs (well, at least not literally) but it’s a pretty great kind of different. I can see where isolation could be an issue, but thankfully there are lots of young moms around here and I plan to call them up to hang out. There were too many missed opportunities for fun with friends in Dallas and I don’t plan to let these days slip by like I did before just because I was tired. Speaking of which, I’ve got to go get ready for a lunch date.

Here’s a few shots for you…

Aunt Ronke putting him to sleep the night before we moved.

Grandma putting him to sleep the night after we moved.

Harley looking all old school Disney Robin Hood.

Gideon sleeping on the boppy.

Gideon’s Dedication

Baby Shower Cake – Bonnie is so great!

Gaye holding Gideon

Pretty Presents…Thank you CBC ladies!


  1. Did you save me a piece of that cake?

  2. thanks for sharing all the fun pics! what fun it must be to dive back into all of that love. =) and, i think that baby mack looks so absolutely adorable in the little striped suit. =) by the way, your voicemail was classic! i’m still pulling for a small yellow addition to your wardrobe…even a “layering piece” like the one i have. =)love and miss you!

  3. I have been anxious to hear about the baby dedication & shower…glad to hear they went well!
    I miss you guys a ton, but am praising God that you are surrounded with so much love & excitement during this transition.

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