ann coulter has left the building

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the last post was way too political for this blog. don’t read it.

now, back to the trivial:

tonight we hosted a dinner party. in attendance were Daniel & Jennifer and Dr. & Mrs. Allen. We ate delicious food and had nice conversation and we laughed and felt nervous and at ease and we just in general had a good time. Dr. Allen took pictures. I’m sure he’ll send them and we’ll show you.

in the meantime, here’s a picture from a long time ago that Dr. Allen sent to Jud…another blast from the past that is unflattering…back in the days of The Greenhouse Affect and all of the late night eating that book brought about. Looks like I was working on my second chin at this point…..

Jud and I immediately noticed the people in the background…Hi Alice! Hi Kristi! Speaking of which I heard a completely funny story about how my father forgot Kristi’s name the other night at church. Later, she told my mom to tell Roy hello from her. I don’t know if she reads this or not, but if she does she should know that whenever it is somebody’s birthday I now always think about calling them at midnight. I have yet to do it.

Also you should know my work is still super busy. It’s zapping my mad blog writing skills. I think you’ll know when they’re back.

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  1. Hey Kim and Jud, I havn’t read in a couple of days, but I kind of like that, so then I can read a bunch in one day. I will pray you have found a church. The pixs made me cry again. Love the food pixs, please keep posting those:) Also about your TV, we all want to smash it, but I just havn’t found a big enough hammer to do it. We waste way to much of our lives in front of the dang thing. Jud, Keep up the good work, you encourage me to be more in the word. Kim, Don’t work to much!!! I love you guys and miss ya tons.

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