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I probably shouldn’t be posting because my day was not very good and I’ve been crying for no reason that I can think of and there is a little knot in the pit of my stomach. I’ll spare you the details of stuff that made me tear up after work. It’s not very important and it is for sure not interesting.

I did get news of a friend’s baby on the way. Congratulations friends! (I don’t think they even know this site exists, so I won’t bother pretending like they’ll actually read it). I was made to guess at who is pregnant and guessed some pretty ridiculous names. People too old or lacking the appropriate parts, people too young who have no business even thinking about procreating and people to whom I’m physically related. It was none of the above. Just some friends who’ve been married a while and are, no doubt, elated. So, again, Congratulations!

Tommy Lee Goes to College is on right now. It’s pretty fun to watch him parade around Lincoln. A nice hang on for those of who still call ourselves Huskers. I’m going to go watch and read a book that isn’t very good during the commercials.

A brief note about something that choked me up today: My office was offering tickets to the Women of Faith Conference. I was never all that excited about the actual conference, but spending time with my ladies at the hotel and during the meals and sitting through the sessions together and them consoling me when I lost a diamond out of my ring, these are the things WOF are made of.

That’s my heart.

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