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I got back to Dallas yesterday and all is well. The conference was pretty typical for corporate events…$400/night rooms, trashy salesman talk, golfing, innuendo, drinking, joking and deal making. I was pretty much the only woman there. There were about four other women total during the whole thing and a bunch of men acting like frat-boys. You know, not the ideal situation, but at least it was in a beautiful place with great weather and tons of free food!

I flew out on Monday and the trip was fairly uneventful. Mostly because I was nearly knocked unconscious by the gigantic man sitting beside me who wreaked of bo and sweat. He was easily 400lbs and half way into my seat. I huddled against the window and tried to ignore his sleep apnea. His brother was sitting next to him and the brother tried to strike up a conversation. Sorry, but conversation is out of the question when my goal is to breathe through my mouth and focus on the book I was reading. It was the worst plane ride of my life. I’d take head smashing turbulence over that because at least blood doesn’t smell that bad.

Once I got to Phoenix I called the hotel to see if the shuttle had left already to pick me up. I was sure a shuttle was coming because I clicked that little radio button on my registration form for the hotel. I should not have been so sure. Come to find out, if one wants a shuttle, one must call, not trust such an unreliable thing as a webpage. Apparently that radio button is all for show.

I got a Super Shuttle instead; a Super Shuttle driven by a psycho Uncle Rico. His hair was slicked back and he was wearing pretty ridiculous things and then he drove a van. I should say that he poorly drove a van. Uncle Rico took the shoulder a few times, you know, to make time. Let me tell you that a shoulder at 65 is a bad idea. I did however get a great look at the city whipping by and from what I saw, I would not like to live in Phoenix at all. Though the weather is fairly convincing, the city itself is not so great.

I’ll spare you the details of meetings and things and just skip to the end. My boss and I were leaving early the next day to fly out, so we went to the transportation desk to arrange for the shuttle. We were informed that it was ‘too late’ to get the shuttle and that ten hours are needed prior to the shuttle’s departure for you to ride in it. I now assume that the shuttle is actually owned by NASA and that makes the prep time seem very short and the shuttle ride all the more exciting. Alas, I’ll never know the excitement on that ride. I took a cab instead.

Once delivered to Dallas, I quickly found my car and was back home in time to drive up with Jud to Richardson to catch Charles Ryrie speak about “Power” at the GES conference. I fell asleep. Not the best thing to do, but I was exhausted. I got to see Chuck and Lydia and the girls, who Jud had lunch with the day before, and to see Jennifer and Daniel as they worked so hard. It looked like the conference was a huge success, so I’m sure they are breathing many sighs of relief.

After the session, it was time to quickly get home, clean the apartment (we had two guests stay with us for Discover Dallas), get my lesson stuff together and head to Kid’s Club. It was the worst night of Kid’s Club ever. There were entirely too many kids, not enough leaders and during my teaching time, I was the only one with the kids. No teaching was accomplished. No crafts. No learning. And really, no fun. I was exhausted and just didn’t feel like fighting for control. It’s hard enough to engage them when I’m doing alright. I was overcome.

Back home to meet our house guests and they are both so nice; one a college kid from ASU and the other a United Pilot who used to fly F-16s. Couldn’t have been more different, but both very nice.

Work today started nice and early and has come home with me tonight. I’m off to research profitability points and you should go to bed. Maybe I’ll catch your sleep.

Back in the days before I knew to savor the precious commodity of shut eye…

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  1. How stinkin’ cute are you?!

    Soooo glad you are alive and well after that crazy business trip. I thought of you several times and prayed for your safety and sanity:)

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