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Do you ever get incredibly bored reading the things that I write? You should. This has been the least exciting series of writing I have possibly ever done. Why you still bother to meander onto this site is beyond me, but since you are here, I will give you the run down of things I currently am ranting about in my own mind. Perhaps some of these things will entertain.

– Can you believe that the United States killed a man yesterday who was by all reasonable evidence wrongly convicted of a crime. Not an innocent man, by all accounts he was involved in law breaking, but he was convicted for the act of murdering a police officer and then someone else eventually confessed and just about all of the ‘eye witnesses’ admitted to being bullied by police interrogation practices and no one, not The System or the fail safe of a Governor would step in to stop it. I still think we have the best system in the world, but it presses in on me how flawed even the best things on this earth are.

– Speaking of earth! Don’t be alarmed about space junk falling and killing you. If you are, I have some chores for you to do because you have far too much time to sit and ponder things like the probability of dying from debris (odds: zero to you are not that important).

– Is the Big 12 going to finally implode? Will anyone take Oklahoma and OSU and the dread Longhorns? I’m starting to guess that nobody wants a team with their very own television channel to dork around with the balance of their other already committed and not so snotty nor self-righteous schools. Just a thought, but those white and burnt orange pants may be just a bit too small.

– I’m really tired of all the whining people are doing on Facebook about everything from the new layout (Waaa! I hate change!) to the cool air (Fall is here again?!) to the normal inconveniences of living every day life (I waited IN A LINE for LIKE 15 MINUTES!). I am sorry about how difficult your life is, but last I checked these things are best handled by properly evaluating your station in this world. Here’s your first world check list before you whine on FB:

1. Did I have to walk any distance outside of my house with a dirty container to get dirty water for my family to consume today?
2. Did I not enjoy the use of anything that required electricity or natural gas?
3. Don’t I own more than two pairs of clothing and shoes?

If you answered NO to any or all of these questions please feel free to complain. Otherwise, let’s all just attempt humor, catch up with people we barely know now and communicate things others will find interesting (oh now I’m whining about people whining. Good thing I live in the first world and had TIME to do it).

– I made some brownies and put peanut butter and chocolate chips in them. The rest of my brain power is engaged in a massive battle about those brownies. EAT THEM! What are you crazy? They are for tonight and you have already eaten some of them, you glutton! EAT THEM! EAT THEM! EAT THEM!

Now go. You’ve stayed your hour.

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  1. OOOoooo I’m excited for these brownies now!

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