apartment hunting

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Jud and I are really enjoying looking for/at apartments. We love our place and aren’t thinking about moving (what with the packing and the boxing up and labeling and renting of vans and organizing movers and all…we don’t think we could do it without our sweet Omaha moving crew).

We are, however, getting very excited about Jeremy & Rachel moving to our neck of the woods.

So excited, in fact, that we would like them to live very close to us…close enough to walk to, to share meals with, to see frequently, to annoy them. Bear in mind that they are not even married yet and that they are moving down here in a couple of months as newlyweds who probably do not want to live disturbingly close to Jud & Kim, so that’s why we stopped pursuing them living in our complex…and looked at the place right next door. You know, because sharing the same driveway doesn’t mean you live in the same place! Duh!

Okay, so maybe this place is still a little too close (and, as it turns out, overpriced), but we are walking around with cells phones and we are taking numbers. We are serious about them living here soon, whereas they, most likely, are pretty fixated on that whole wedding deal. Oh yeah, we’re excited about that too.

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