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So, I met Zanna, Jenn and Gina for lunch on Saturday at this awesome salad place and we spent about four hours just chatting the afternoon away while it poured rain outside. Before I left for my lunch date, I attempted to take some belly shots in our downstairs bathroom (the one that I’m pretty sure used to be a closet, but since our landlord rigged up some piping and stuck a toilet in there, it’s for sure a bathroom. I suppose water closet makes more sense. It’s also the bathroom where the neighbors can listen to you pee unless you turn on the melodramatically loud exhaust fan. I’m not so sure that the fan circulates any air, but I am sure that it covers up the sound of urinating, which is very good). Anyway, here’s the belly shots:


  1. It looks like you’ve got a basketball hidden under your top. What a cute little baby-bump!

  2. first time caller; long time listener…

    You are a very cute pregnant lady!

  3. Too-oo-ooo-oo cute!! 🙂 I gotta say, pregnancy looks good on you! Love the belly…..but I gotta say, the hair’s rockin’ too!!!

  4. your bellyfruit has grown since i just saw you 3+ weeks ago.

    you look beautiful!

  5. Well Tesa and I can hardly wait to see the little Jud. We had the leadership dinner tonight at Valentino’s and Laurie told us that you had a blog so I had to look for it. Blog search “Jud and Kim” Bam right up there at the top. So now I have added your blogspot to my favorites so we can check up on you every once in a while. I have one also that i update once in a blue moon or two.
    My brother and I have started to get into Geocaching also. I have found 4 so far and I dont even have a GPS. My brother does. But I did find out that my hometown has the “Oldest Active Geocache in the World” Mingo, KS. I almost could count it as found even though I have never dug it out of the ground. (I know exactly where it is just by one of the pictures on the web site.)

    Talk to you later
    Phil and Tesa

  6. Cuteness!
    Katie Meester

  7. I will be in Dallas/Plano next week with E & E starting Feb 4-11…I may have to mapquest your home and come see your baby bump!

    Katie Meester

  8. Thank you for posting pictures. There was no doubt in my mind that you would be the cutest pregnant women out there. That is what we all wished we looked like:) I’m so excited for you!

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