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Gideon loves birds.  Pigeons, cardinals, turtle doves, robins, chicken.  The kid can’t get enough time with foul. Yesterday, our very first day at the pool, was made even more glorious by the tiny birds eating cracker crumbs on the deck.  Much giggling and chasing ensued. 

So today, we were playing outside and he was taking note of the random flying black birds and the robins that fight each other for worms when he wasn’t trying to brush my flowers with the windshield scraper he found in the garage.  He’d been for two rides in his red wagon, both times opting to push the wagon on the return trip to our driveway (He’s no dummy.  He pushes on the downhill side.), when we saw it. 

A really awesome bird.

A really big bird, for this part of suburbia.

I thought it was a female peacock, which look like this…

So, I scooped up Gideon and we ran to get the camera.

But, this is what we saw…

A little less exotic than a peacock, but still bizarre for the burbs. 


  1. Is that a pheasant? Ha..ha..ha…you’ll have to ask Alicia about her funny peacock/pheasant story:)

  2. I’m pretty sure it is a turkey. But I would like to hear that pheasant story.

  3. That’s funny. I guess I had pheasant on the mind….didn’t even think of it being a turkey. Duh. I need to re-school myself in less-than-exotic birds.

  4. Turkey!

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