Away, Away out east in Cinci

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Jud is out of town right now on a business trip while Gideon and I hang out here in the absolutely freezing cold coldness of our city.   He left on Monday morning and it is now Tuesday afternoon and I am very much looking forward to Wednesday night when he returns.  

I lived on my own for a year of college in a cute little studio that used to be a an old elementary school.  It had huge windows, double lock entry and only vaguely reminded me of the school in the Sixth Sense. I loved having my own four walls and I loved eating hot chocolate for lunch and showering for hours and hours without anyone judging me. It was wonderful.  There were a few times when the bumps and bangs of the old pipes freaked me out about intruders but that was mostly early on.  By the time I was turning the key over to some friends of mine who were assuming my lease, I hardly ever thought about having to defend myself against someone trying to steal my 21″ television. 

Last night I only freaked myself out once.  The heater is constantly kicking on right now since the temperature outside is somewhere near Arctic Circle records. The howling wind against the exterior bathroom walls didn’t help me calm down. When I finally acknowledged that the likelihood of someone actually breaking into our home was very small, I had run through at least three scenarios of how to grab Gideon and run outside into the bitter wind without the intruder grabbing us.  I’d imagined the cold pavement and snow under my feet enough that I actually considered putting on my socks to sleep, but knew that I’d never be able to actually doze off with them confining my toes. I suppose I just got tired enough and nodded off.  

We we’re both still here, safe and sound when I finally got up at 8 am.  Gideon was still in his crib, playing with Chuchi and Elba and Ardi and Frog.  He has four stuffed animals in there now and I think he might never call for me in the morning if I could somehow rig up a Cheerio and fruit dispenser in there too.  He finally called for me around 8:45 and we’ve had a great day playing with trucks, his train and his favorite game – hide-and-seek.  I think  he likes being scared a little more than I do. 


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  1. kim, i can totally relate to the scenarios that come to mind when the husband is gone. i, too, had a stretch of living alone and loved it! but, nowadays, i simply don’t sleep well if daniel isn’t here to protect me. i’ll pray that this evening goes a little smoother for you! =) by the way, gideon is looking entirely too big! i just can’t stand it. =)

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