Baby Bjork

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Last night, while getting ready to go for a walk, we decided to put the baby in the front baby carrier that Laurie is letting us borrow. Since I wear the baby in the sling all of the time, I figured it was better if Jud got to wear him in the other carrier.

I got it out of the bag and handed it to Jud. He started trying to figure out the series of snaps, buckles and belts and said “this doesn’t go between my legs, does it?”


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am convinced he has REALLY grown and changed since last I saw him…Gideon, that is.=) I’ve just not seen him that much with his eyes open…he is SO ADORABLE!! Thanks for giving us a little something to read. I’m so thankful to hear that all is well! I will definitely be praying for balance in your lives. Much love to you all!

  2. Yay! Pictures!! You know how I love pictures. I agree w/ Jenn, Gideon has grown so much & is so alert. Give him a hug & a smooch from his Aunt Zan! Love you guys & praying for you!

  3. Is it “baby bjork” or “baby bjorn”? Maybe there is just some inside joke that I am missing.

  4. Kim! He is precious! So cute. i also love the old man picture! Miss y’all:)

  5. Baby Bjork will be my rendition of the baby bjorn. It will basically be a baby bjorn cleverly disguised as a swan.

    Don’t go stealing my idea now…

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