Back in the Big D

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Twelve hours and a few tornado warnings later, we pulled into the carport. Dallas to Omaha? 9.5 hours. Omaha to Dallas? 12 hours. There was rain and there were tons of cars and there was burning and there were these huge Christmas light things near Ardmore, OK. It was kind of a surreal trip. But, we’re back.

Here are highlights from our trip:

Tom, Jud, Justin and Adam at a hockey game on Saturday night

Maria, Kim, Rachel and Rebecca on Monday before dinner

Krystal and Allison having coffee with Kim on Thanksgiving Eve

Kim and Amber celebrating the Huskers handling of Colorado

While at home for Thanksgiving I spent a little time over on myspace. I looked up old classmates and people I knew from a long time ago and I laughed about stuff they wrote and said and were doing. I also found disturbing stuff that I never wanted to know about some of those people. It creeped me out. So, let me just say to you Internet “do not write things about yourself and your freaky life that will make others believe you are nasty, dumb or ridiculous. they are not interesting. those stories are not even entertaining. they are something you may not even tell people who already know you unless you don’t mind them not liking you after they know. so, please, Internet, keep your secrets away.”

On a much lighter note, I had been dreading the back to work today. the back to driving. the back to cube-living. the back to real-life. and it wasn’t so bad. not so bad driving. not so bad cube world, though still very quiet and grey. like a goose. mmmmm. i got there early and left there on time and all worked as it should.

while VO (which in my world means Virtual Office) i started to wonder if people in house were sending me hate through the email and the phone calls only because they were not punctuating things with exclamation points!!! and smiley faces 😛 and I thought maybe they wouldn’t want me back or want to have to deal with my stupid comments or lame humor. you know, the sort of neurotic things a junior higher panics over after winter break, these were haunting me on both saturday and sunday nights. but, the truth is, just like in junior high, that no one is hating you. no one is meaning anything by placing periods. at. the. end. because that is just what you do when you use normal puncutation. The truth is that no one is even noticing you. And that is both good and bad. I went to a place to visit where people noticed me in the hallway and where they noticed my voice when I answered my old work phone. and i miss being known. even if it was to some extenet a superficial knowing. this is of course why I won’t make some grandious career out of my current job. it is specifically designed to keep one from knowing me. it is designed to keep business moving and others to be known. i am glad to help, but doubt i have much staying power for such a menial thing.

all of this to say,
i miss you old home (and people)
i’m thankful for you new home (and friends)

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