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Me To Ronke: When we start our own workplace / social graces consulting company, one of the things I will remind people about is that they should smell pleasant while at work. Too bad I should take my own advice and remember to put on some deodorant before I leave!! Oh, and perfume? Forgot that too!!! And my breakfast? Forgot that too!!!

Something is seriously wrong with me today and you aren’t even here for me to talk to about it. I hope your little training class is all that you dreamed it would be!

Ronke To Me: Okay Stinky McGee…you are creating a hazardous work environment. I am so tired, I stayed up to watch the Mavs lose last night *ugh*. The training class will be great I’m sure…Also, you might be preggers (because) the fetus makes you forgetful…..

Me to Ronke: I’m pretty sure when I am preggers that I will puke my guts out for a while, so I’m 99% sure that the forgetfulness comes from poor planning and
overconfidence as I walked out my door (ha! am early! am drinking orange juice! am so together!).

You crazy basketball lover, you. Why must you cheer for the sweaty lanky men? Also, why won’t that Dirk guy cut his hair already? He’s on TV!! He needs to look better than that. It’s not like he needs to save money by spacing out his haircuts (Kim, why is your hair so long? Excuse me, but your split ends are showing.)

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