Belated Posting

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[Sorry for the delay. Our lives were spinning out of control for a bit there. Things seem back on track. Now I fear there’s been entirely too much build up for the post. Please immediately lower your expectations.]

Do you see this adorable puppy?

Do you see her back in her cage?

She didn’t come home with us, for oh so many reasons. You remember them, right? Money and time and middle of the night potty breaks and trips to the vet after she licks up the anti-roach powder and the ear cleanings and all of the other cumbersome things dogs bring. Also, she didn’t really cuddle up to me. That’s probably because she’s part Pit Bull. Any dog that does not immediately snuggle up to my neck will be rejected. Only dogs who love me first will receive my love in return. Sorry, puppies.

We did, however, see this cute guy in the parking lot.
He was very loving and very taken, also very big.

This is probably the end of the puppy story for a while. Sorry for teasing. We are mean.

After our puppy stop, we went home on Saturday and chilled for a bit before we went bowling. Jud got really into it.

Turns out he loves bowling. Too bad we are the worst bowlers in the world. Then again, maybe not.

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