Beyond All Expectations

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It’s not like we didn’t know he was an overachiever, but this is over the top. My dad is doing so well that he may get to come home today. Seriously. He had the surgery on Wednesday and this is Saturday and he may be back by tonight. THANK YOU for praying and for your sweet words of encouragement. I’ll have more to say when I’m back in Dallas, but I’ve got left over work from the week that I should clean up before Monday.

When there’s no time for words….

My dad’s C-Section balloon sent by Chuck, Jeremy and Daniel, welcoming his 12″ long tumor baby

Pre-Surgery Excitement with my dad, mom and uncle, Clyde

These handy deals inflate and deflate so that he doesn’t get blood clots. He thought they might help him ski.

Wednesday night he was feeling all right.

Right after we tucked him into bed last night.

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