Birthday (part 2)

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So last night we had a little get together for my birthday. I have trouble thinking about it being all about my birthday. To me it was really just an excuse to have friends over because we hadnt had some of our Seminary friends over for a while. Anyway, Kim went all out and made this beautiful spread displayed in the pictures below. I’m sure that Kim will post more about it later along with some funny and/or witty comments that she is far better at expressing than I am. I just thought I would post these up here for all to see. To everyone who came over, thank you. I hope you all had a good time. We did, judging by the fact that both Kim and I are totally exhausted from staying up past midnight talking to our friends.

We really dont have much to offer in the way of entertainment for kids. So, Isabel was forced to entertain herself with tupperware. Obviously, other people thought that she was really on to something.
Measuring hats might just be the major fashion trend for this years spring fashion line.
Kim was a little sad about the valley in the cheesecake but beyond any sort of visual defects, the cheesecake more than made up for itself.

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I guess I didnt get the memo telling everyone to wear their white shirt yellow sweater combo, apparently at least two people did.

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