Birthday Revisited

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Yesterday, in the mail, I received the most beautiful post card I have ever seen. Allison sent it to me and it is a detail of one of her new paintings. I’m very much needing her to have a website where I can go to see all of her new paintings and the old ones too that I can no longer see just by looking at my walls. If you ever visited our apartment just off V for Violent, you would know that the place I call home has never looked as good as it did in those days, filled with her art (and, as it turns out, all of her furniture. I did totally dominate the kitchen cupboards though, since I clearly invested in the things that were most important to me – food making tools and devices, having given away that heavy heavy sleeper sofa to the Buergers – which I have, oddly enough, sat on a number of times since, given that they still own that sofa and it is in their apartment here in Dallas).

I love my postcard with so much love that I couldn’t put it down for a little bit and I kept telling Jud how beautiful it was, as if he’d suddenly gone blind and could not see the beauty for himself. Then I put it in my purse so that I could bring it to the office where I spend most of my waking hours. This morning I carefully positioned it on my cube wall so that I can see it every time I reach for the phone (which, of course, is a lot). I was so proud of my pretty new addition and feeling so great about it that I called people over to show them the postcard hanging on my cube wall. They liked it too, but not as much as I did.

My day was going well……not too much to do; a good amount of Chinese salad waiting for me to eat it for lunch; the promise of cookies from the catered lunch for the project pricing team. Then the front desk called me and asked me to come up to the front for a minute. Either the receptionist needed help with the postage machine, a FedEx package I sent was found with explosive materials or I had a surprise. I was really hoping for that last one…..and I was right to hope! Jud brought me beautiful flowers (which I’m pretty sure are from Central Market) in a very cute vase with so much character and beauty that my cube is now very enjoyable and very much like home.

I love Allison.

I love Jud.


PS I got lots of cards and ecards and emails and text messages and phone calls from lots of wonderful friends this week and today – thank you Cheryl and Laurie and Mandy and Ronke and Celisse and Jeremy & Rachel and Jenn and Zanna and Mom and Dad and all of the rest of you. It is so nice to be remembered!!


When I got home even more wonderful things were waiting for me, like a banner (more on why I love banners later)

and a German chocolate cake (also from Central Market) and Buffalo Mozzarella (my favorite cheese, and clearly, if you have a favorite cheese, you really love cheese). Then we went out to dinner at Scalinis with our current house guests….the future Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy. We are spending tons of time with them and you are jealous!!

More thank yous are due Tawnya, Grans, Amy and Mandy for the emails and the cards! I love you too and thanks for making me feel so special (not in the shorty bus way).


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Kim!!! It sounded like you had an awesome day!!! Praise the Lord for your sweet life and how many people you have touched along the way. Your friendship has been a blessing. I can’t wait to see you. Love, Tammie

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

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