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Mommy blogs are all the rage these days. The kids are reading them all the time and downloading all of those fancy ipod tunes. This is clearly not a mommy blog and though the word mommy is in our vocabulary, it doesn’t appear to be in the works for quite some time. So I was wondering what this blog is. A seminarian blog? A seminarian and seminarian wife blog? I mean, really, what do we have to write about?

Adorable children with hilarious pooping stories? We already covered

Funny dog with wacky antics? Nope.

Exotic living location with beautiful vistas? More overly urban locale with ample legless bums in wheelchairs.

Home owning whiny goodness? We don’t own this place, which I never forget. In fact, I was wondering yesterday, when the light went out in the fridge, if we could make the landlord buy/install a new one because, you know, that fridge totally isn’t mine, even if I did touch it last.

I guess we have a life blog.

Lately our lives have centered squarely around work, more specifically my life has been spinning frantically around being in my office for long long hours with very little hope of getting out ‘on time’. I could tell you some funny stories from all of these hours but they aren’t that funny really and you don’t want to hear the minutiae of re-quoting.

I can tell you that I am a bit annoyed with the coworkers who believe this time sensitive project to be and who frequently say ridiculous things like “I just wish I didn’t care!” and get teary. I, the queen of mercy herself, said, “so don’t. It’s not your problem.” And really, people, it is not his/her problem. It is the problem of people so much higher on the food chain that us, way down here, don’t even have to worry about it. As long as we get the information out properly, we are covered. The bloody aftermath is none of our concern.

Blah blah blah. These are the quoting details of which I should be sparing you.

On a completely excellent work related note, my husband had a review this week and he was told that he is doing a fantastic job and that if he wants to take on more work, just let them know! They will give! Uh, thanks, but…uh…no thanks? This first helping is quite large enough, thank you. Also, he is working super hard on finishing up his class work / finals and he put together a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that is quite impressive. He’s pretty much overall impressive, as it turns out.

So, in spite of the speed with which my work is turning, the revolution of life continues at the same pace. I still cleaned on Monday evening, before and after 24. We still went church shopping on Sunday…a review of which is due soon (a mostly positive one, at that). I still need to do a bunch of ironing and also make a visit to the cleaners. I paid the bills and sent in our RSVP cards for weddings. I remembered that we need to get graduation presents out to a bunch of wonderful kids. I contemplated our friends moving to us soon. And, I even did the dishes

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  1. Hey Kim and Jud, Even if you think your life blog isn’t interesting, all of us out here can’t wait to see what you’re up to and what you’re eating 🙂 Truly, it makes me laugh, and laughing is so good. You both are a joy! We are defiantly stopping to see ya’ll on our way to San Antonio. Either the 2nd or 3rd of June. I’ll let you know. Well off to Awana Award Night! Kids are so excited 🙂
    Love ya, Tammie

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