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So, I’m pretty sure my kid is smarter than me (is this the pregnancy brain talking?  I don’t know. Yes and maybe no).  He’s already doing these (what I have obviously qualified as) advanced things that kind of wig me out and I am not just saying that because he is the light of our lives.  He really is amazing.  Here are a couple examples:

– Imaginative play.  Okay, so maybe I dug out my old Child Growth and Development book from college to check on this one and then did some brief google searching to confirm that I can be amazed at the things he does during the day.  Several months ago he began to pretend like he was picking fruit from trees and from the ground.  He’d cup his hand and bring me a hand full of air that I needed to pretend to eat with him.  We’d laugh and he’d pretend to pick more.  He pretends all the time. Trucks. Dogs. Trains.  He might have nothing in his hands at all or he’ll find an object to pretend like it is something else.  From all that I’ve read this doesn’t typically develop into the things he’s doing until 3 years old.  See?  I can be amazed by that.

– Letter identification.  A few nights ago while getting a bath he picks up the foam letter P and I tell him that it’s a P.  I ask him “what is P for?” He thinks for  a second and tells me Papa (which is his latest rendition of Poppy).  Then he digs around in the water until he finds the D and tells me that it’s for “woof woofs” and I say “you mean dogs” and he says “mmhmm., woof woofs”.  Today I was about to throw away our bulletin from Sunday but first he had to identify all of the As and Os on the page. I didn’t say a word.  He just started pointing them out and telling me what they were.  Blows my mind. Who taught him all that? I’m not showing him flash cards or making him listen to tapes while he sleeps or anything. Oh yeah, you’re right.  It was probably just Cookie Monster. Score one for Sesame Street.

Of course, it’s no surprise that I find his day to day life completely awe inspiring.  It’s the right way for a mom to be, I think (provided she still knows that her kid’s diapers still stink).  I just couldn’t be more proud of how his little mind is developing. All that sleeping and eating sure are paying off!


Of course, if you don't feel like spelling, there are other uses for letters too

Of course, if you don't feel like spelling, there are other uses for letters too

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  1. you’re right about the imaginative play being pretty amazing, that does show up more towards 3 usually. And then when they’re 5, it’s gone again and they just run around your house making loud noises 🙂

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