Bumps in My Road

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It is typical for me to have a plan of attack for every day.  Today’s plan went something like this:

Wake up


Get Gideon out of crib, change diaper, put on clothing


Play with trucks and trains

Go get gas and a car wash

Go to World Market to see if that mirror I want is on sale for 25% or more




Clean House

Play outside


Bedtime for Gideon – bath, massage, teeth brushing, story time, prayer, song time

Bible Study

Bedtime for Jud and Kim

I think that’s a pretty good schedule of events.  I had everything pretty well ordered and figured that it would be a good day for everyone, especially if that mirror was on deep discount. 

And then I walked into the hallway and pretty much knew that the scene I was about to encounter in his room would be messy.  The stink was permeating the entire top floor of our house. I opened it up and found him sitting in the corner with all the blankets on the other side of the crib while he clutched Chuchi.  He looked nervous and asked for Papa.  I opened up the curtains and confirmed my suspicions.  I whisked him away to the shower, peeling off the soiled clothing and diaper on the floor that is easily disinfected. 

Once dried and clothed, I turned my attention to the crib.  The blankets are no big deal, but getting that crib sheet off with a belly the size of Delaware was going to be too much.  I took him down for breakfast.  Happily seated in a chair that is not designed for tiny people, I offered him waffles, which he politely refused.  I offered oatmeal.  That was a negative too.  I offered Honey Bunches of Oats and that received hearty approval.  Content with his delicious, but messy cereal and a cup of milk, I called for backup.  

My dad’s hours are flexible, if not completely insane and overwhelming to the average bear, which lends itself to saving me when I am need. I figured he’d have a hole in his schedule at some point to swing by and dislodge the sheet from the mattress.  I was right and he kept me from some serious back strain.  Thanks, dude!  I owe you big!  

Following breakfast and trucks and the visit from Papa where he saved the day, Gideon wanted a snack.  He got one and then we went down to move over the blankets.  Only they were still not clean.  Too much poo.  I added more soap, more softener, closed the lid and off we went to fill up the car.

I like BP and they are usually really clean stations.  Since there is one on the way to World Market, I pulled in. I swiped my debit card, confirmed that I wanted a car wash, chose my fuel grade and pumped away.  Waiting for my receipt to print was taking a while, so I finally cupped my hand over the little screen and read that it was inside the store.  Awesome.  How did it know that I really wanted to haul my kid out of his car seat to go inside?  I walked in and asked for my receipt.  At the time, I was the only car out there, so I didn’t specify which pump.  Yeah, the mistake is mine.  I get Gideon strapped back in and look down at the receipt to find the car wash code.  No number.  No letters. Not the right amount that I paid for gas. I get him out again.  We go back inside.  

There is now a line five people deep.  I am holding a child who can see a mop, a broom and a dust pan all within two feet of him and his determination to help keep BP clean is obvious.  A county sheriff is behind me now and I am not wanting to get questioned about my parenting by the law, so I try to point out letters we can talk about, “yes, that’s a B.  Those two are Es and that’s the letter R.”  My patience is wearing thin.  My hip is wearing down from the weight of one gestating baby and one squirmy toddler. I finally approach the counter.

I tell the woman that this is the wrong receipt that I was on the end, at pump 10 and have $18.23 in gas plus a car wash.  She tells me pump 10 is diesel.  I tell her she is kidding me.  She asks if I had $18 in gas.  I confirm.  She tells me I am on pump 1.  I say okay and ask for my receipt. She prints it out. 

Back in the car and ready to make it clean, I see the line is five deep and decide to soldier on to World Market first.  While there I find the mirror marked down 20%, not quite what I was hoping for, but still a good price and since there are only two left, I put it in the cart. I go over to the window treatments and have less luck finding what I want for our bedroom, but discover one panel that matches two we already own that were struggling to cover the window by themselves.  It is 30% off.  Score.  We buy both items.

The car wash is now no waiting but Gideon hates it.  He’s been in one before but I don’t remember it being that loud either.  He is shrieking until we get the green light and then he yells “Go, Dog Go!”.  I pull forward enough for the blowers to do their job. Completely out, he starts clapping and smiling.  I agreed.  

Home and lunched and now napping, the day is a bit more on course (although technically right now I should be working or cleaning). Off to get something done….


What? Me Make a Mess?

What? Me Make a Mess?


  1. Yikes! Does not sound like fun but life is never predictable. I’m about to enter that world……big yikes.

    katie <

  2. It’s amazing how fast you can laugh about the things that throw a wrench in your cog after just a few months of having a little one around. And blogging about them turns them into a story that you can laugh at with friends. I can’t wait to read your stories!!

  3. “Go Dog Go,” that cracked me up!

    And I can totally relate to the refusal for breakfast except for the messiest cereal you can think of and wish they wouldn’t pick!

    That receipt thing is so annoying! I had a similar situation recently, we’ve all been there. But hey, you’re right that it makes for a great laugh and story later. Better than being bored, eh? 🙂

  4. I can’t wait till you have two! Then the stories will be even crazier!
    Sounds like a busy day!

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