busy morning, lazy afternoon

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This morning was beautiful…cool breeze and sunny and we were out walking in the beauty while the rest of the city was still sleeping off their drinks from last night.

Back home and ready for brunch at Legal Grounds with friends, we drove over and ate delicious prom cakes and yogurt with granola and fruit. The guys (and Isabel) went off for some frisbee golfing while the girls came back over for another session with Beth Moore (we’ve run out of time to fit in the last three lessons due to minor things like child sitting (for two weeks — brave souls) and moving to Denmark (where another baby will be birthed — in their absence, baby shower details will be made in great detail). I showed off my new spice rack / paper towel holder / rings on which I have nothing to hang IKEA find and the new pillows and candles IKEA practically gave away yesterday (what else is there to do on a day off but drive to where all the white people live and buy things from them? Sometimes I forget how urban our life is here and then we take the tollway up to places that are new and shiny and then Jud remembers that he’s probably not permanently cut out for all this urban hustle and bustle and I remember that this is the Dallas most people know and love…the Dallas with the money and the new and we both feel a twinge of guilt for feeling so at home in that area…materialism and comfort, my, how they motivate).

The guys finished up the folfing and picked up some furniture finds for Martin & Hansy’s new digs (they are renting a house with another couple). I’d heard of the place but this was our first real live meeting. It will meet their needs so nicely, especially with the new baby and the great big kitchen! I do seem to remember communism breaking down at points, so hopefully some house rules will keep Marx alive.

Back home and the hubs is crashed on the sofa. I am sleepy too but not so much from a lack of shut eye as the histamines that are invading my face. Off to down some of those Claritin we stocked up on last weekend…..

Happy Graduation Day, Adam (and the rest of you GU kiddos)! We love you and are really proud of you for sticking it out and gettin’ ‘er done. We are also happy about the idea of you being closer to us (we’d really appreciate it if you would all move a bit closer, please. Closer…..closer….oh, oh, a little too close! That’s better). Sorry we’re missing your sweet party. So, who got the Tschetter Award?

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